Prestige Carp Porter Drop In DPM Bag With Side Access

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Key Features

  • Brilliant new design
  • Features double zip top flap for easy access from the top
  • 2x full size side pockets on either side
  • Allows easy access inside bag when barrow is loaded
  • Heavy duty waterproof DPM material
  • Fits all barrows with drop in bags

Tell Me About It

With a new design, this drop in barrow bag from Prestige’s Carp Porter range features side access when the barrow is loaded, courtesy of two full side pockets on either side of the bag.  This side access is in addition to a double zipped, easy entry top flap, which means you don’t need to take the bag off your barrow to get at what you need – a practical set up if you’re on a week’s fishing holiday, where you may need quite a bit of gear that you’ll be taking to various points around the lake over the course of seven days.

What Discipline Is It For?

Prestige brings stylish practicality to your carp fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Barrow bags are a useful addition to your barrow or tackle trolley, giving your equipment far more protection than it would receive if it were just piled onto the bare base of the trolley; some bankside terrain can be very hard on anglers and their gear!

Using a barrow bag ensures that delicate items, such as scales, are protected, and small items, such as tackle boxes, are stowed securely, in an organised fashion, easy to locate when you need them.

Side access barrow bags save you the hassle of having to take bags on and off your tackle trolley to get at equipment; this also saves you time, meaning you have longer to actually enjoy your fishing.

Being designed by and for Carp Porter, you can rest assured that this drop in bag will be the perfect fit for your Carp Porter barrow.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Easy access to your angling essentials.


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