Prestige Carp Porter Front Barrow Bag

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Key Features

  • Large size
  • Puts weight forward and improves balance
  • Fits all carp porters ever made
  • Features velcro rear flap for secure attachment
  • Waterproof reinforced base. Padded shoulder strap
  • Double lock lid. Padded zipped side and front pockets
  • Large front pocket big enough for most popular plastic boxes
  • Detaches easily and can be carried easily to bivvy/swim
Prestige Carp Porter Front Barrow Bag, For the angler who is fed up with placing awkward luggage into their barrow or trolley Prestige Carp Porter has released a high quality barrow bag. No longer do you have to worry about having to balance your luggage precariously on your Carp Porter, lunging after falling tackle with every bump. The Carp Porter Front Barrow Bag has been designed to fit onto every Carp Porter that has ever been made. This universality means that you don’t have to worry about measuring your barrow before purchase as you can be confident that it will fit your Carp Porter. The base of the barrow bag is made from reinforced waterproof fabric, so you can place this bag on any terrain safe in the knowledge that the contents of the bag will remain dry and undamaged. Padded side pockets provide ample storage space for your items of terminal tackle or smaller tackle boxes. These pockets are zip secured, so you can store any number of items in them safe in the knowledge that they aren’t going to fall out should you be pushing your barrow over uneven terrain. The main pocket of the bag is large enough to accommodate most tackle boxes or bait buckets. This main compartment is closed with a double lock lid, once again ensuring the security of the contents of the bag. This large bag fits directly to the front of your barrow and has a Velcro rear flap to ensure it is attached securely. This places the weight of your load directly forward, improving the balance of your barrow. However, you can also detach this bag and use it independently from your barrow. With a padded shoulder strap this bag is incredibly easy to transport to and from your swim, should you be headed to the bank for a short session without your barrow or should you have to park your barrow some distance from your rod set up.
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