Sonik SKS Black Shore Rod

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Key Features

  • Powerful carbon fibre blanks with smooth casting action
  • Durable Hardloy rings suitable multiplier or fixed spool reels
  • Custom Sonik sliding reel seat on all models
  • Slim, comfortable shrink wrap handles
  • Black tyings with metallic red tipping
  • Supplied with two piece cloth bag with Velcro closure
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Model Item name Price & stock Qty
SKSBSR2 Weight: 4-6oz, Length: 13ft
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SKSBSR2FS Model: Fixed Spool, Length: 13', Rating: 4-6oz
Out of stock
SKSBSR3 Weight: 5-7oz, Length: 14ft
2 in stock
SKSBSR3FS Model: Fixed Spool, Length: 14', Rating: 5-7oz
Out of stock
SKSBSR1FS Model: Fixed Spool, Length: 12', Rating: 4-6oz
5+ in stock
SKSBSR1 Weight: 4-6oz, Length: 12FT
5 in stock

Sonik SKS Black Shore Rod

If you’re an angler who prefers sea fishing from the land rather than from the water then you’ll want to sit up and pay attention to this expert offering from Sonik. Offering all the technologies of a top end bit of kit at a very affordable price, this SKS Black Shore Rod ensures that, no matter your budget, you’re able to experience the power and control of a cutting edge bit of kit. With this rod, you’ll be able to enhance and improve your shore fishing – without breaking the bank in the process. This SKS Black Shore Rod is an upgraded and updated version of the original SKS Shore Rod from Sonik and it benefits from a number of improvements that stand it head and shoulders above the original.

Fans of the original SKS Shore will undoubtedly notice the improvement to the blank design of this new SKS Black Shore Rod. Firstly the rod now comes in a modern black colour with striking red accents, which will look great on beaches up and down the UK’s coastline. However, this cosmetic enhancement is only the beginning and the structural make-up of the blank features significant improvements too. With a power to weight ratio that needs to be felt to be believed, the Sonik SKS Black Shore Rod is both lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. This ensures that no matter your casting style you’re bound to find an SKS Black Shore Rod that is perfect for you. What’s more, this new rod black responds exceptionally well to bites, ensuring that you can detect them quickly, easily, and accurately. This allows you to respond promptly, resulting in more catches. The ultimate all-round machine, this rod series can perform as expertly on rough and snaggy ground as it can on clean terrain.

The rod is furnished with durable ‘Hardloy’ line guides. These have been purposed designed to ensure that you’re able to fish with a multiplier or a fixed spool reel with equal ease. There are three rods in the range and each of these rods is available as either a multiplier or a fixed spool rod, allowing you to choose the rod that perfectly complements your fishing style – as well as your existing sea fishing reel. The SKS Black Shore Rod comes in three different lengths, each of which offers something slightly different. Both the 12ft and 13ft options in the range offer optimal casting weights of 4-6oz, and the longer 14ft option offers a casting weight of 5-7oz. This means that for the angler looking to cast further out for bigger fish, you are able to be equipped with a rod capable of handling larger lures.

Sonik is a brand that has been making waves across the angling industry ever since it was first established in 2008. Originally focussing its efforts on the carp fishing market, Sonik are widely considered to be one of the finest manufactures of carp fishing rods on the market to date. This rod forms part of their move into other disciplines and you can expect more top quality sea fishing rods from the brand in the future. One thing that has remained constant throughout the brand’s growth and development is its dedication to producing top quality tackle at value for money prices. This means that you’ll never feel as if you are paying above the board for a Sonik product and the brand is committed to providing tackle for anglers on all budgets.

If you’re looking to update or upgrade your existing shore fishing rod or you’re trying to get started in the sport, this Sonik SKS Black Shore Rod is the perfect tool for you.


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