Sticky Baits Floater Pack


Key Features

  • The Sticky Baits Floater Pack contains
  • 1x 1L Bottle of Sticky Baits Cap-Oil
  • 1x Bag of Sticky Baits The Krill Floaters 6mm
  • 1x Bag of Sticky Baits The Krill Floaters 11mm
  • 1x 750g Bag of Sticky Baits Krill Powder
  • 1x Pot of Sticky Baits The Krill Floater Hookers

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Sticky Baits Floater Pack, Sticky Baits Cap-Oil, The Cap-Oil has taken a lot of tweaking to get it perfect, but it is now there. This mixture of extra-refined cod liver oil and blended fish oil is made all the more special by the inclusion of a rather fiery capsicum (chilli) extract. Ideal for use in the spring and summer months, this rich, deep red bulk food oil really gives a kick to any mix. As with all our liquids, the Cap-Oil is completely PVA friendly and has proven a fantastic additive to dampen down our Active Mixes. As well as this, the Cap-Oil can be used as a glug/soak for boilies and pellets to really boost their natural attraction. Another favourite use for the Cap-Oil is to add a little to your favourite chum mixers to really make them stand out, a definite edge for any avid surface angler. Sticky Baits The Krill Floaters 6mm / 11mm, For some time now, we have been quietly developing something a little special. You can now harness the awesome pulling power of The Krill for surface fishing. Rather than simply re-bagging conventional floating pellets, weve innovated a coating process thats totally unique to Sticky. The result is a floating bait that pulses out attraction, pulling carp into your swim and holding them there! Our high-protein pellets are treated to two special coatings that begin to break down as soon as they land in your swim; kicking out soluble attractors, tiny food-particles and fish oils into the water, which stimulate carp into feeding. The first coating breaks down as soon as the pellets hit the water, releasing food signals and carrying potent fragments of bait across the surface. Then the second coating begins to work, pumping super-soluble attractors into the water column. This two-stage breakdown allows food signals to be carried quickly across the surface, while also penetrating deep into the water column, reaching fish that arent on the surface yet! The attractive oils that weve locked into the baits during the coating process give off an impressive slick as the coatings break down. This acts to flatten off any ripple and attracts carp without the need to carry extra oil for glugging! Sticky Baits Krill Powder, Our Krill Powder is pure, premium quality krill meal. Very strong smelling, it makes a fantastic addition to paste, PVA bags, groundbaits, base mix and spod mixes. Like Shrimp meal, it is quite buoyant, which helps to keep the swim active and the fish searching for more! This really is awesome stuff and a little goes a long way. Being so light makes this an excellent addition to a PVA bag mix when fishing over weed or silt as it will help create a slow-sinking presentation which wont be dragged into the bottom debris as much. We also highly recommend this potent powder as an addition to any avid floater fishing armoury. Give your chosen floater pellet a splash of the Cap-Oil, followed by a light covering of the Pure Krill Powder, and were sure youll find the results devastating as we have! The powders versatility coupled with the fact that fish simply go wild for the stuff making it a top selling product. Wed also like to point out its appeal to all species as emphasised by its use as a devastating perch attractor, definitely a worthwhile addition to any all-rounders tackle bag. Sticky Baits Krill Floater Hookers, Special floater hookbaits that have been designed to perfectly mimic our The Krill Floaters. Theyre hookable and can be hair-rigged or banded, making them extremely easy to use. Theyve been infused with increased levels of Krill attractors, so much so that theyre practically oozing! For best results, use with The Krill Floaters.

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