Tiger Nut Growler Pack


Key Features

An ideal gift for the fishing enthusiast in your life, the Tiger Nut Growler Pack features a range of bait, and and ESP nut/bait drill.

The great value of the Tiger Nut Growler Pack at a glance:

  • 1x Enterprise Tackle Pop Up Tiger Nut - a high quality artificial tiger nut which makes an excellent surface bait.
  • 1x jar of Dynamite Baits Frenzied Chopped Tiger Nuts - a versatile, no-prep bait selection.
  • 1x tin of Dynamite Baits Frenzied Monster Tiger Nuts - cooked in the tin for added flavour that carp just can't resist.
  • 1x bag of Dynamit Baits Monster Tiger Nut Stick Mix - a PVA-friendly mix that's ready to use straight from the bag.
  • 1x bag of Bait-Tech Big Carp Method Mix - a high protein blend of tiger nuts and peanuts that's guaranteed to attract the fish you want.
  • 1x bottle of Bait-Tech Nutty Oil - an irresistable aroma to enhance more mundane bait.
  • 1x Pack of ESP Nut/Bait Drills ( choose from 4mm or 8mm) - create a neat, perfect hole in your tiger nuts and boilies without splitting the bait. No waste, no fuss.

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When you’re going after carp, you want to go big, and with the Tiger Nut Growler Pack, you’re well prepared to hit the heights of 40lb + fish.

Featuring a wealth of complementary baits from Dynamite Baits and Bait-Tech, as well as a nut/bait drill from the carp fishing brains at ESP, this big value pack is just what you need for a big value catch.

There’s so much on offer in this pack, starting with the Enterprise Tackle pop up tiger nut, which is a buoyant artificial tiger nut; a superb surface bait, particularly in conjunction with real tiger nuts, which carp find irresistible.  This pack includes five nuts in two different sizes and shapes, so there’s almost certain to be something to suit your rig. Enterprise Tackle are the UK’s leading manufacturer of artificial baits, and their baits are widely used by some of the top anglers in Britain and Europe. 

Dynamite Baits, specialists in carp, match, and course fishing, offer frenzied chopped tiger nuts, a no-prep bait which comes in three sizes – monster, which is ideal to use as a hook bait, chopped, which works well in spod and stick mixes, and mini, which makes an ideal addition to a bed feed.

The Dynamite frenzied monster tiger nuts are rich in natural attractants, and take a little bit of the work out of carp fishing, by bringing the carp to you. These are safe, nutritious, jumbo-sized nuts, which are ideal for single hair-rigging. Steeped in natural sugars, these should prove a big draw for big carp.

Dynamite Baits’ monster tiger nut stick mix comes ready to use. PVA-friendly, it’s the perfect addition to your bait regime, and an excellent hook bait enhancement.

Bait-Tech’s big carp method mix is a high protein mix that works well as part of a wider ground bait spread. The protein draws more fish to you, and keeps them feeding longer, dramatically increasing your chances of making that dream catch.

The 500ml jar of Bait-Tech nutty oil came into Bait-Tech’s range in 2016, and offers an aroma that big fish just can’t resist. Coat more mundane bait for increased swim activity, and enjoy the satisfaction of reeling in the rewards.

Finally, the nut/bait drill from ESP features a stainless- steel construction, and is designed for drilling out tiger nuts and boilies, making a neat hole without splitting the bait. The drill is available in a choice of 4mm or 8mm bit.

The Tiger Nut Growler Pack is a good value buy for yourself, or an ideal gift to give to the fishing enthusiast in your life.





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