Trakker Access Barrow

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Key Features

  • Designed and engineered to allow you to 'fish off the barrow'
  • Gives you full access to all your essentials easily
  • Unique front loading 'bed tusks'
  • Houses the bed right at the front of the barrow
  • NXG barrow wrap creates side walls
  • Stiffened base for optimum use of space
  • Sliding under-barrow drawer
  • Can be accessed and removed at any time
  • Water carrier saddle bags with side access
  • Positioned next to the wheel for excellent weight distribution
  • Front and side folding bars allow the barrow to fold flat
  • As well as an easy-remove wheel for transportation
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handles which adjust vertically
  • Allows you to set them to the optimum height
  • Mud guard is featured around the wheel
  • Stops the transfer of mud/water onto your bed system
  • Supplied with two bed-fixing adjustable straps
  • Clips to the loop attachments on the barrow frame
  • Materials: Aluminium/Steel

The Trakker Access Barrow is ideal for the contemporary carp angler, with a performance engineered design that allows you to fish off the barrow. The barrow allows you to quickly and easily access all your angling essentials, giving you the practicality you need to make a solid start on your session, and enjoy lively, effortless performance right up until you’re ready to head for home.

A unique feature of the Trakker Access Barrow is the front-loading bed tusks, which feature securing straps, allowing your bedchair to be mounted to the front of the barrow, freeing up the full load area, making the Access a barrow that’s bound to appeal to the campaign carp angler, offering the opportunity to take everything you’re likely to need for a long stay at the bank in simple, straightforward style without having to cram your luggage in, or worry about anything taking a tumble during a bumpy trip out to your swim. A mudguard ensures that your bedchair will be kept clean and dry, no matter what the terrain is like.

Wrapped with Trakker’s NXG barrow wrap, the Access benefits from flexible walls, giving you a convenient way to store and transport all your tackle essentials out to any venue, however long you’re heading out for.  A convenient carrier is positioned next to the front wheel, distributing the weight evenly throughout the barrow, while an easy-access, removable under barrow drawer gives additional storage for smaller items.

The Access barrow features a removable wheel and convenient, fold-flat design, making it easy to collapse down into the car boot.  Soft grip, adjustable handle bars allow you to adjust the barrow to suit your height, ensuring comfortable travel on the longest trips across the roughest terrain.

Made from an aluminium and steel blend, the Trakker Access Barrow is durable, rugged, and practical, offering everything the committed carper could need, whether you’re out for several days or several weeks.

If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive barrow with go-anywhere practicality, that can get you and your gear right down to the edge of the lake, then the Trakker Access is the best choice on the market.

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