Trakker Aztec T-Shirt

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Key Features

  • Printed tri-logo design on the front
  • Printed Aztec design on the rear
  • Material: 60% cotton/40% polyester
  • Sizes: M-XXL
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Trakker Aztec T-Shirt

For the laid back angler who likes to keep things casual, both on and off the bank, this Trakker Aztec T-Shirt is the perfect option for you. This t-shirt comes in a classic khaki green colour with light khaki print and it is sure to look great with any of the other items in Trakker’s angling clothing collection. Suitable for wear throughout the angling year, you can layer this t-shirt under hoodies, jackets, and thermal outers to keep you toasty and warm throughout the winter months, or you can wear it on its own to cool you down in the summer.

The Trakker Aztec T-Shirt features a tri-pattern Trakker logo on the chest area. This is a striking design which, with its flash of Trakker red, looks great matched with any Trakker trousers. Uniquely, the branding is actually made up of lots of miniature Trakker logos, which have been manipulated to form the lettering of the brand name. The rear of the shirt is printed with a large Aztec inspired logo. This is the same print that you can find on the rear of the Trakker Aztec Hoody and it features a subtle nod towards the Trakker brand, as this print is also manufactured from multiple small Trakker logos.

The logo is deeply ingrained in the brand’s history, which is why it features so heavily on this classic piece of clothing. The brand began trading as Trakker in the 1990s but few people know that the brand was originally established in the 1980s as Rainbow Angling Supplies. Rather than designing and manufacturing their own products, the brand was a supplier to some of the biggest names in the angling industry. However, as the need to cheaply mass produce products grew, these brands moved their businesses to China and the Far East. The brains behind the brand realised that they could still produce their own angling tackle for the UK market to a considerably higher standard than the Chinese manufacturers. The company rebranded as Trakker and set to work designing and manufacturing its very own tackle, right here in the UK. The iconic ‘rainbow’ Trakker logo is a nod back to the brand’s early years – reminding all those who work for the company of its proudly British heritage.

The Trakker Aztec T-Shirt is in the crew-neck design and it will look good paired with any angling sweatshirt or hoody. It is manufactured from a classic cotton and polyester mix. This is because Trakker understands that the last thing you want to be worried about on the bank is getting your clothing dirty! Clothing damp with lake or river water and dirty from wiping you hands after bait preparation is part and parcel with the joys of carp fishing, after all. This Aztec T-Shirt is completely machine washable (please follow washing instructions on the garment).

Trakker has been producing fantastic angling items since the early 1990s. Originally famous for its range of outstanding luggage, the brand has since diversified and now produces a selection of bankside essentials – such as bivvies and bedchairs. This Aztec T-Shirt showcases the brand’s decades of experience and is available in sizes medium, large, and extra large – to provide the perfect fit for anglers of all builds.

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