Trakker Superdome Bivvy

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Key Features

  • The ultimate long-session shelter
  • Total through accessdoor at front and back
  • Room inside for three bedchairs
  • Huge mozzie vents in front
  • Window in back door providing free airflow ventilation
  • Dual rod straps at front and rear of bivvy
  • Dual-zipped doors allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Supplied with tension strap
  • Full frame support system (inc two bars on peak and rear)
  • Clear window for front door
  • Oversize heavy-duty carry bag
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet and T-pegs
  • Compatible with bedroom or full inner capsule system plus full winter wrap
  • Weight: 17.1kg (plus groundsheet and pegs totalling approx. 5kg)
  • Dimensions: W 380cm x D 370cm x H 190cm

Trakker Superdome Bivvy, 

For years, the focus on bivvy design has been to create the most compact setup available, designed for those small and stealthy swims. However, this has meant that there is a serious lack of larger bivvies for longer session anglers – despite the fact that more and more anglers are heading to the bank for longer periods of time than ever before. This is why the Trakker team have put their heads together to design a super-sized bivvy like no other: the Trakker Superdome. Described as the ultimate long-session shelter for the committed carper, this bivvy is the perfect option for the angler who likes to fish with a friend (or two) as well as the angler who likes to head to the continent for their fishing. Its dimensions really do speak for themselves and this bivvy is 380cm wide, 370cm deep, and 190cm high. This means that not only does this bivvy have enough space to accommodate three bedchairs but it also gives a 6ft angler headroom when standing. This makes it the ideal option for those longer sessions when you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your shelter, as well as for those winter trips when you’re virtually bivvy bound between takes.

One of the most impressive features of the Trakker Superdome Bivvy is its total through access. This means that you can open up the front and rear doors to give you unparalleled ventilation through the entire bivvy – perfect for those muggy summer days over on the continent. Both doors are fitted with a mozzie mesh option, too, should you want to deter those unwanted bugs, and the front of the shelter is also fitted with two additional huge mozzie mesh vents. The front door also has a clear window, too, for those miserable days when you still want to let some light in. As an added bonus, the doors of the bivvy are fitted with dual zips, allowing you to fish in the letter box style, too. The options are virtually endless when it comes to the setup of this bivvy on the bank. Both the front and rear of the bivvy also have twin rod straps. These give you a place to store your fishing rods whilst you’re rigging up on the bank – perfect for avoiding nasty accidents.

The Trakker Superdome comes supplied with a full groundsheet, too. This has been hotly requested by the carp fishing community, who know that the first stage in preventing condensation build up is a top end groundsheet. It is also supplied with high-quality T-pegs, too, so you can secure your bivvy down in even high winds. The frame of the bivvy is lightweight and robust, and it has been designed in such a way as to let a solo angler erect it no problem. This makes this bivvy the ideal option for the angler who likes to transport their entire tackle collection down to the bank for their longer sessions, as it ensures that you can erect this bivvy easily and quickly even when fishing alone. The bivvy comes fitted with an integrated storm peak. Not only does this provide additional shade in the summer, as well as rain protection from the door, but it also creates an porch extension when used in conjunction with the overwrap (available for purchase separately).

However, the real benefit of the Superdome isn’t its impressive size but its unique capsule system. Available for purchase separately is a bedroom capsule system. This allows you to split your bivvy in two, creating two private bedrooms to give you much needed space and privacy on a longer angling session. You can also purchase a full inner capsule, which is an ideal option for the solo angler looking to travel to warmer climes, where the additional mosquito protection is essential. You can, of course, use this bivvy system completely independently of any capsules, too, making it one of the most versatile options on the market to date. 

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