BaitTech Carp Bait & Additives

BaitTech Carp Bait and Additives

If you’re looking for world class bait and additives, then you need look no further than this range from Bait-Tech. Innovators in the industry for more than thirty years, the brand has an outstanding range of devastating bait and additives that make carp crazy.

A brand committed to making the perfect products, Bait-Tech isn’t afraid to hold the product back until the formula has been 100% approved. This means that products can spend years in testing before they are released – for example the Carp Method Sweet Mix Coconut was subject to the rigorous testing procedure a whopping 19 times before the brand were happy to release it to the general market. The brand promises to test all its baits at the extremes of angling, so whether you’re fishing on relatively easy waters on a warm, still day or you’re battling the elements in temperatures approaching sub-zero, the bait and additives it produces are guaranteed to perform.

Not only this, but the company uses complete unique suppliers for its ingredients. Unlike other companies who get their ingredients from the same big supplier so are producing essentially the same mix packaged up with a different brand name, Bait-Tech’s suppliers only service the brand. Carp are curious creatures, not to mention fickle feeders, and the chances of them going to investigate a new smell or colour is arguably greater than them sticking to the same boring mix. This means that fishing with Bait-Tech is bound to make a real difference on the bank!

The range on offer from this brand is staggering, with mixes, pellets, pastes, sinkers, and a whole host of liquids on offer. We constantly update our site to bring you all the newest products, so make sure you’re checking back regularly to stay ahead of the game on the bank. Check out our Carp Fishing range for any other bits of kit to help you catch more fish.

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