Predator Baits and Additives

Even with the most advanced predator fishing tackle, you cannot expect to land your target species without the right bait set up. Luckily, Angling Direct has assembled the largest and most comprehensive range of high-quality fishing predator bait and additives, in the UK.


If it’s catfish or pike baits for UK waters that you’re interested in, then boilies doused in a shellfish or halibut scent you’ll be after. Although you can get bags of freezer boilies for carp fishing it seems the ‘shelf-life’ boilie is more popular amongst predator anglers. These have the same structural makeup as a freezer boilie except that they feature preservatives to keep the bait fresh. This means that you can store them in a cool and dry environment for extended periods of time without worrying that they’ll be ineffective by the time you hit the bank.

Flavours range from pungent fishmeal based mixes to liver and meat tastes that catfish love. Boiles serve great on the hook or chopped up underneath your lure to draw the predator fish in.

Pop Ups

Pop-ups are essential buoyant boilies, the preferred flotation agent is usually cork. Unlike traditional boilies, these are used exclusively as hookbait and tend to be most popular in weedy scenarios, where some pikes like to hide. Pop ups are great for achieving tht pike dead bait set up and floating bait size and boilies really tickle a predators fancy.


Pellets are popular in most angling disciplines, they are smaller than boilies and for targeting larger species such as catfish or pike you want at least 28mm diameter. They also tend to be softer than boilies and have a much quicker breakdown, too. Pellets are favoured for their incredible versatility. They can be catapulted into the water, softened and pressed into a feeder, or banded to your hook. Sardees are a popular glugged pellet that has extra attraction of taste for those stubborn predator fishes.


Sweetcorn, hempseed, tiger nuts, and other such baits are known as particles and are usually used for carp fishing but can come in handy when prebaiting for predators. Adding some particles beneath your main perch baits is certainly going to attract these smaller predator fish along. Although some of these can be used as hookbaits, more often than not they are a bottom feeder bait. Bottom feeding keeps fish in your swim for longer.

Artificial Baits

Artificial baits are huge within predator angling from zander deadbait rigs to the deadly catfish bait set up. Fake baits can last a lot longer when it comes to the sharp teeth of a pike and once glugged with attractants in order to give it the smell and flavour, the result is devasting. They are made to both look and smell like the real thing and they are usually made from soft and durable plastic. Most artificial baits are imitations of popular particles – such as tiger nuts or sweetcorn but you’ll also find small rubber baitfish and bugs that tend to be used in predator angling.


The deadliest bait a predator angler can bring to the bank or fishing boat is liquid attractants. These come in the shape of oils or spray liquids that once added to your favourite lure or fake bait can catch you plenty. By soaking your boilies in these liquids you can also amplify the oils and aromas that enter the water. We stock Pike Pro oils that can remain in liquid form even in the coldest part of the pike season, along with the Quantum sprays of flavours that are perfect for urban predator fishing.

Welcome to our Pike and Predator Fishing Baits selection at Angling Direct! Here you will find an extensive selection of baits for pike fishing and predator baits, from trusted and respected bait brands. Whether you are a novice angler or a seasoned veteran, we have the perfect bait for your next pike fishing session.

Best Baits for Pike Fishing

Bait Pellets: Pellets are savoury-smelling bait that collapses quickly underwater. It can be glugged in halibut oil to become successful predator bait.

Bait Liquids: Strong fishy aromas used to add extra attraction to deadbaits, livebaits, pellets even predator lures!

Bait Paste: Loaded with glitter, powerful, strong scents and taste to increase attraction.

Boilies for Fishing: Made to look like fish eggs, predators will eat up fish-flavoured boilies floating on the top of the water.

Groundbaits: Common amongst catfish anglers, fishing, natural coloured ground baits can draw in bottom-feeding predators.

Even with the most advanced predator fishing tackle, you cannot expect to land your target species without the right bait set-up. Luckily, Angling Direct has assembled the largest and most comprehensive range of high-quality fishing predator bait and additives, in the UK.


Most Common Fish Bait for Pike

Frozen Deadbaits for Predator Fishing are a firm favourite but are not sold online at Angling Direct but are available, along with plenty of pike fishing live bait options in stores. Deadbaits such as roach are a tough bait that on many venues makes up most of the pike's diet. Anglers can buy frozen roach that are in good condition as well as other deadbaits from their local fishing tackle shop.  All of our pike baits are designed to entice big pike and are sure to give you the best chance to land your next catch.


Artificial Predator Fishing Baits

Another powerful bait option for predators is the use of artificial bait such as fishing lures. We have a how section just for pike lures on our website that includes traditional spinners and wobblers, as well as modern soft baits and jerk baits. 


We hope you find the perfect bait for pike, perch, catfish or zander for your next session in our selection. From  Catfish Pro to Berkley, to Bait-Tech and Pike Pro, we have some of the best bait brands in the business for you to browse!


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