Specialist Rod Support

No matter your target specimen fish, the right rod support system can help with success in your fishing. We, here at Angling Direct are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of rod supports on the UK market. There are many options from single sticks, buzz bars and tripods to fit your fishing from many brands such as Cygnet, JAG and Korda.

Bank Sticks

Fishing banksticks for carp and specialist fishing will help keep your rods and brollies stable in the softest of grounds. One of the biggest benefits of using a bank stick setup is sturdiness. Unlike rod pods, you push or screw your bank stick directly into the bank terrain, leaving no room for movement in high winds or after an aggressive take. Some companies have added a screw point onto the end of bank sticks to allow you to set up on the harder ground.  The downside is when you’re confronted with a wooden or concrete platform to fish from it is impossible to push your bank stick through so check out the venue prior to packing your bank sticks.

Bank sticks come in a variety of lengths and can be as short as 6 inches or as tall as 34 inches.  The height you choose will depend on how far off the ground you like your rods and reels to be and the compatibility with your chosen rod rest tops or heads. Many bank sticks will offer adjustable extensions, so you’re able to decide on the height of your rods based on the situation on the bank.

Buzz Bars

Buzz bars allow you to enjoy a compromise between bank sticks and rod pods, as they give you the ability to fish with a goal post setup, quickly and easily. By screwing your buzz bars into your bank stick you can transform a six-stick setup into a two-stick setup, whilst still fishing with three rods thanks to the three threads for screwing in your rod rests.

You’ll need to invest in two buzz bars, one for the front and one for the rear of your setup. The size of the buzz bar you choose will depend on how far apart you want your rods. The longer the set of buzz bars the wider the space between your rods. The Chub buzz bars are often adjustable so you can fish with precision.

Buzz bars significantly reduces the weight of your rod support system. Rather than carrying six bank sticks down to the water, with buzz bars you only need two bank sticks and two buzz bars, so even a stainless-steel bank sticks and buzz bars are lighter.

Rod Rests

You will always need a rod rest as these come in the form of cups, grips, or rests to provide a safe place for your rod. You’ll want two rod rests for each setup, one for the butt end of your rod and one for the mid-to-tip section of your rod. The style of rod rest you choose will usually be dependant on the angle at which you’re fishing. Rod rests tend to be plastic, for a gentler grasp of the rod reducing the risk of damage. One of the best rod rest for feeder fishing is a fishing chair rod rests where you feed can be close to hand.

Snag Ears

Used in conjunction with bite alarm setups, Snag Ears perform similarly to rod rests to prevent your rod from jumping out of your support system when you get an aggressive take.

Tripods and Monopods

Designed to hold a single or dual rod, tripods and monopods are most often used when sea fishing but some river anglers too. They allow you to have your rod tip high in the air, enabling you to better keep your line out of the rolling surf.

If you’re looking for the tools to ensure that your world-class rods are going to suspend your expert rig at the perfect depth then you need to look no further than our collection of rod support systems.

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