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Even with the most advanced fishing tackle, you cannot expect to land your target species without the right bait. Luckily, Angling Direct has assembled the largest and most comprehensive range of high-quality fishing bait and additives, in the UK.



If it’s carp fishing bait that you’re interested in, then it’s boilies you’ll be after. Often reviewed as the best carp bait, there are two styles of boilie. The first of these is a freezer boilie. For many years freezer boilies were seen as the premier form of boilie on the market. This is because they contain active ingredients that have to be frozen in order to preserve their freshness. However, this is seen as their biggest benefit it is also their biggest weakness, as you need to find a way to keep the boilie as cool as possible whilst on the bank.

Subsequently, the ‘shelf-life’ boilie was invented. These have the same structural makeup as a freezer boilie except that they feature preservatives to keep the bait fresh. This means that you can store them in a cool and dry environment for extended periods of time without worrying that they’ll be ineffective by the time you hit the bank.

Flavours range from pungent fishmeal based mixes to sweet milk-protein based styles. These each have their benefits and it largely depends on what time of the year you’re angling as to which flavours are most effective for you. Meatier or fishier flavours tend to be more effective in the warmer months, whereas sweet flavours tend to disperse best through colder waters.


Pop Ups 

Pop-ups are essential buoyant boilies, the preferred flotation agent is usually cork. Unlike traditional boilies, these are used exclusively as hookbait and tend to be most popular in weedy scenarios, when you want to avoid the risk of your hookbait becoming lost in chod. Pop-up boilies also tend to be in brighter colours, to help them stand out further from the lakebed.



Pellets are popular in both carp and coarse fishing disciplines, they are smaller than boilies and can be as little as 1mm in diameter. They also tend to be softer than boilies and have a much quicker breakdown, too. Pellets are favoured for their incredible versatility. They can be catapulted into the water, softened and pressed into a feeder, or banded to your hook. 

There are a huge variety of pellets on the market, including expanding pellets that grow when soaked in water, floating pellets, sinking pellets, and pre-drilled pellets. There are also loads of bait making tools on the market that can modify your pellets, including pellet pumps which can transform floating pellets into sinkers. Like boilies, these pellets come in a huge range of flavours in order to appeal to different fish in different conditions. They also come in a range of colours and most pellets respond well when taking on dyes in order to modify their appearance.



Groundbait is a finely ground fishing bait, a powder-like substance. Groundbait tends to be fishmeal based and it is most often mixed with liquid in order to create a malleable substance. It is a highly popular choice for anglers who enjoy feeder fishing.

Groundbait comes in lots of different colours – the most popular being brown, black, and red. If you’re fishing in clearer water you might want to consider trying a darker groundbait. These colours don’t reflect light, so smaller fish will feel confident feeding over them without worrying about the risk of being spotted by a predator.



Sweetcorn, hempseed, tiger nuts, and other such baits are known as particles. Although some of these can be used as hookbaits, more often than not they are used as part of a groundbait mix.

Bottom feeders, such as carp, filter through their food as they eat it as, this filtering process takes time and the carp has to put a lot more food in its mouth in order to get the food that it needs, using particles in your mix tends to keep a fish in an area for longer.


Artificial Baits

Artificial bait can be glugged with attractants in order to give it the smell and flavour of the real thing and they are usually made from soft and durable plastic. Most artificial baits are imitations of popular particles – such as tiger nuts or sweetcorn. You’ll also find that these might have been modified to pop-up or otherwise present in a way that you’d be unable to with the real thing.



Along with our huge range of baits we also stock a wide range of attractants. These are intensely flavoured liquids which enhance the amount of flavour going into your swim. By soaking your boilies in these liquids you can amplify the oils and aromas that enter the water. You can also mix you liquid into your groundbait, allowing the flavour to be slowly released as your groundbait breaks down in the water. Glugs are types of liquid attractants and, although they tend to be slightly thicker than traditional liquids, they are used in much the same way.