Bait Making Equipment

Although there are many expertly designed baits on the market, there's no better bait than the one you made yourself - as so many seasoned anglers would agree! When you're trying to catch an especially slippery opponent, using your own homemade bait can often be the best approach when catching a monster carp or your preferred coarse species!

What Bait Making Tools Do I Need for Fishing?

Our bait-making tools range from meat cutters for cubing up your luncheon meat, to bait pots for soaking your favorite hook baits. Anglers can also use air dry bags to slowly dry out freezer baits when at the bankside. You can look up the full list of bait-making tools for fishing in our dedicated guide.

Check a wide selection of bait-making equipment sourced from the finest brands such as Nash, MAP, Korum, Gardner, Trakker, and so many other names that are of long-standing reputation to the angling community. Our own brand Advanta range reflects our in-depth angling knowledge, and we supply a selection of air dry bags and pellet pumps to compliment any angler bait stock.


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