Fly Fishing Terminal Tackle

No matter your needs as a fly fishing angler, terminal tackle really is the business end of any angler’s set up as it is the first bit of kit that will come into direct contact with your fish. We, here at Angling Direct stock a huge range of gear for constructing your perfect terminal tackle setup and hook your next personal best fish.

Within our fly fishing terminal tackle range will find a range of fishing hooks that are classified based on their size, type, gape, barb or barbless and so on. To assist in strengthening and fly tying a hook for UK conditions, we sell braided loops. These are great for anglers a little hard of seeing and to give that extra strength for those fish that lunge onto your fly, ready-made rigs all setup for your fly fishing excursions and a range of leaders, tubing, swivels, and links.

Your Complete Beginners Guide to Fishing Hooks

What Equipment Do You NEED to Start Fly Fishing?

Our range of terminal tackle for fly fishing includes brands like Leeda, Mustad, Wychwood and Fulling Mill, to name just a few. There are a host of rig tying videos over on ADTV too.

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