Carp Fishing Clothing

Wearing the right gear on the bank is as much about looking good as it is feeling comfortable and we, here at Angling Direct, combine the two in our excellent selection of clothing. Angling Direct aims to keep you comfortable from head to toe, and we stock everything to keep you comfortable on and off the ban. If a wardrobe update is what you are looking for then you are on the right page as we have something for you in our carp clothing store.

The clothing has all been designed with carp fishing in mind and as such is sensitive to the needs and requirements of carp anglers. We are proud to stock offerings from some of the biggest brands on the market today such as Trakker, Nash, Fox and even newer brands such as Wofte. Whether you’re looking to show your support of your favourite brands with an emblazoned carpy snapback or maybe you’re after a highly practical waterproof, we have carp clothing for sale, for you. 

What to include in your Carp Angling Attire

Tops - Whether its t-shirts or a polo you are after, we stock a variety of short and long sleeve designs made from a range of materials. Cotton is often great for hot weather for its breathability although you may find some poly-cotton mix for the construction of some t-shirts which offers durability through the demands of angling. You will find most carp fishing tops come in dark greens, burgundy, browns, greys and black.

Hoodies - When the sun hides behind some clouds and the windy picks up fishing jumper or hoody can be enough to keep the chill off your back. There are many pull-over and zip-up styles to choose from. Some are designed with thumb holes to keep more of your hand warm, drawstrings that tighten hoods or pockets to store your phone or essential fishing tools.

Jackets and Coats - Colder, more miserable weather calls for a decent fishing jacket or coat. We stock thick, windproof and waterproof coats read to keep you warm and dry during a downpour. For rainy weather in warm temperatures, a thin jacket that is showerproof will often suffice. Some anglers may want to just keep the core warm without arms being restricted which is wear a waistcoat type bodywarmer will help.

Trousers- We can more than just cargo pants when it comes to carp fishing. Jogging bottoms for fishing often comes in a carp green and with plenty of useful pockets to store the essentials. You can also check out shorts for summertime angling or if you happen to be an angler that always prefers to hit the bank with your legs out!

Bib n Brace - Much like some of the clothing sets, a bib n brace or salopettes, offers waterproof coverage for the majority of your body. Not to be confused with waders, which let you confidently enter the water, boots and all, a bib n brace is great to wear just for around the bankside to protect your clothing and to help reduce slime coating of fish being disturbed.

Gloves - Not always build for the cold season of fishing, our gloves can be used for assisting grip. With fishing, your tackle like rods or net handles is bound to get wet and therefore slippery. A pair of gloves not only keep your hands warm but dry and often offer better grip of the important items in your tackle collection.

Hats - Whether it's a wooley hat needed to help retain warmth, a beanie to get the hair out of the way, cap to keep the sun out of your eyes or a boonie to give 360 shade around your head, we stock great headwear ready for a carp session.

Socks - You may think any old sock will do when heading to the bank but carp anglers will tell you, sitting with wet, sweaty socks for hours on end is not much fun. We stock waterproof and thermal socks that are ideal for carp fishing adventures.

What to Wear when Carp Fishing

What you choose to wear and pack with you for a few sessions at the bankside depends on the time of year and expected climate of where you are fishing. Somewhere very open and likely to be windy means possible swapping out a t-shirt and shorts for a hoodie and joggers for example.

Summer wear - You will find sunny days means t-shirts, shorts or trousers that have detachable legs. It also means trying to protect your eyes and head from possible sun damage. A cap or boonie hat are a worthy investment when carp fishing in the sun as is the right pair of sunglasses which can be found on its own section of AD’s website.If you’re looking to keep cool in the summer months the Fox lightweight range may catch your eye. 

Winter wear- invest in a heavy-duty winter suit to keep you warm and dry in the harshest conditions along with a wooley hat, thermal fishing socks and gloves. Underneath a full clothing suit you may require a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt but perhaps pack a jumper if the weather improves and you want to take the top half of the clothing suit off. If you’re looking for heavy-duty yet stylish winter clothing perhaps the Nash ZT range will take your fancy, 

Spring / Autumn wear - Weather can be anything from sun to rain but often temperatures are in between the expectance of summer and winter months. Be sure to pick up a jacket, a good hoody and a pair of joggers along with a trusted beanie.

The great thing about carpy clothing is that you can align yourself with your favourite brands both on the bank and at home. Pop-out to the shops in your brand new carp jacket and you’ll likely get a nod of approval from fellow carp anglers, it can be a great conversation starter.

You can check out reviews for many of the carp clothing items we stock on the AD blog or give customer services a call to help you narrow down the right piece for you!

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