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After a long day on the bank, there really is nothing better than a warm meal to keep you going through the chill of the night – the thought of a sizzling full English the next morning helps too!

Angling Direct stocks a vast range of cooking equipment; from gas canisters and stoves, to pan and kettle sets, we stock everything you could possibly need to create great food on the bank.

Angling Direct are such a fan of good-quality cooking kit that we’ve even created cooking products to add to our own brand range, Advanta, our range of cookware includes a micro-stove, a windshield, and a three piece cook set, and much more for the cost conscious angler.

There a several items that are of paramount importance when it comes to cooking on the bank, the following paragraphs focus on these key bits of equipment that you will need when preparing food on the bank.

Fishing Stove:

A bankside stove is the cornerstone to culinary success on the bank, as your primary heat source, a lot of your cooking will revolve around this stove, so its important to get yourself a good-quality one.

All the stoves you see on the AD shelves are gas powered, this is standard for the industry due to the affordability of gas canister, and the lack of an electricity source at your peg.

Some stoves will incorporate the gas canister, housing it within the stove itself, the Campingaz Camp Bistro Stove 2, is a good example of this.

The majority of stoves on our shelves are small units with an exterior cable, or pre-heat tube, to connect to a gas cannister. Manufacturers place importance on having an oversized pre-heat tube to allow for the efficient flow of gas. These stove base units are predominantly wide framed, with a low centre of gravity, increasing the stability of the stove.

Micro stoves are the final style of stove that we stock at Angling Direct, our very own Advanta Discovery CX Micro Stove is a good example of this. These are essentially comprised of a burner and plate unit that attaches to the top of a gas bottle. Adept at boiling the kettle, but perhaps not so suitable if you’re going to attempt a meal with multiple elements.


The alternative to a stove is a good, old-fashioned BBQ – its always worth checking if your chosen venue permits a BBQ before travelling – The Trakker Armolife BBQ is a trusty bankside BBQ with its compact design, folding legs and strong build quality.

Stove Windshield & Accessories:

One of the most popular stove accessories is the windshield, functioning much like a windbreak on the beach, the idea is to keep the wind off the flame allowing the gas to heat your kettle or pan more efficiently, meaning that in the long run you will be using less gas - better for the environment and your wallet!

Other popular accessories include gas canister pouches, neoprene sleeves which house your canister add both a carpy look to your setup and increased safety.

Fishing Kettles:

If you’re spending days on the bank at a time, you will soon realise the importance of a kettle. Aside from keeping you topped up with a brew, boiling water to do a bit of washing up between meals is also handy – so, which is the best fishing kettle?.

There a plenty of kettles to choose from, some are circular, others are square in shape, matching your kettle to the shape of your stove top is important in terms of efficiency – you don’t want to be waiting too long for your morning brew!

For example, Fox kettles are circular in shape, whereas RidgeMonkey kettles are square in shape, these design decisions are made with the shape of both brands stove tops in mind, RidgeMonkey’s Quad stoves are, as the name suggests, square in shape.

Fishing Pots and Pans

For the most part, bankside cooking apparatus is not dissimilar to what you would find at home in the kitchen, pots and pans may have a detachable handle to save on pack down size, and they are likely to be lighter than the home kitchen equivalent, again, to ease transportation.

The majority of pans available are constructed from aluminium, in order to keep the wait down, these have the same functionality as a non-stick frying pan you would find at home. Other styles, such as the Trakker Armolife Marble Cookset are more like a skillet and are more robust.

Away from traditional pots and pans, there are compact and multi-functional cook systems from RidgeMonkey, who have revolutionised bankside cooking in recent years. Their form resembling something of a sandwich toaster optimised for use over a gas hob, the RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL is an angling direct exclusive and with the Connect Combi and Steamer inserts available, the RidgeMonkey range will offer you versatility on the bank.

Fishing Mugs & Flasks

Finally, our cookware range offers several branded mugs and flasks from some of the industry’s favourite brands.

After a long day on the bank, there really is nothing better than a warm meal or a hot drink to keep you going through the chill of the night – the thought of a sizzling full English and a cup of tea the next morning helps too! For all the carp fishing venues that do not have any cafe services, be sure to pack some cooking equipment!

What Cooking Equipment Do I Need for Carp Fishing?

Angling Direct stocks a vast range of cooking equipment including; stoves, pots, pans, kettles, cooking utensils, plates, bowls and mugs. You may also find brew kits in our cooking range, these come with teaspoons and little sealable pots for tea, coffee and sugar. For those wanting to get the most out of their gas canisters, this section also stocks windshields, gas sleeves or thermal covers to keep the bottles warm and fuel more efficient.  

For a better idea of the cooking equipment must-haves, check out our dedicated guide: Bankside Cooking - An Angler's Guide to Fishing Cooking Equipment

Great cooking gear for fishing is made by brands like; RidgeMonkey, Trakker, Nash, Fox and Highlander. Angling Direct are such a fan of good-quality cooking kit that we’ve even created cooking products to add to our own brand range, Advanta.

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