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Here at Angling Direct, we believe that even the best anglers can only ever be as successful as their tackle and tools allow them to be. That’s why we’ve put our hearts and souls into creating uniquely comprehensive range of fishing rod pods covering every possible need, fishing style, and budget across the board.

We select only the finest rod pods that have been proven time and time again as the best products for ensuring your rods stay safe, secure, and free from damage. By selecting the very best rod pods on the market, you’ll benefit from an essential accessory that provides exceptional stability regardless of how demanding or challenging the terrain may be. From waterlogged lake sides, to loose shingle shores, to the steepest of river banks, our elite collection of rod pods has what it takes to make sure you succeed.

Angling Direct is the largest tackle retailer in the country, and this enables us to select the very best products on the market from the world’s leading brands. Our range features an incredible array of pods from leading brands. So whether you’re after Fox rod pods, or perhaps Cygnets offering takes your fancy, we have ample choice for you to browse. Our collection of Daiwa products is the largest of any retailer in the country, allowing us to offer exclusive deals on tackle across the brand. If you’re looking for a truly home grown product, then NBrice might be your preferred choice, as its rod pods are all handmade in the UK. What’s more, we’re always adding to our range with the latest and best products in the business, so there’s always a good reason to check back and see what’s new.

We offer rod pods as complete sets, so all you have to do is set up and go, or as individual bases so you can fully customise your pod to the terrain you most often fish from. Whether you fish with one rod, two, or three, we have a rod pod the suits you. Our rod pods are fully adjustable, so you can tailor the angle of your rod to your needs and the whim of the fish.

It’s our job to help you become the best angler you can possibly be with the right fishing gear at the right place. Whether you’re a life-long carp fishing professional or a first-time angler looking for the best possible start, we guarantee both the products and the service you need to succeed.

On the blog, our Tackle Tuesday and Wednesday Review series have both featured the latest rod pods over the years, and all the posts are stored in our blog archive. This archive is constantly expanded, week on week, as new posts are put up spotlighting and reviewing some of the finest tackle out there. It’s also the space where our dedicated team of anglers, many of whom man our stores or work behind the scenes in our head office, tell their stories from their latest fishing trips. These stories are often invaluable gold-mines of information, as our top angler pass on their tactics and hints as well as their stories.

If this wasn’t enough, our customer service is unrivalled in the industry. You can find all our contact details on our dedicated customer services page on our website.

Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…


Fishing rod pods are the unsung heroes of angling, providing the support and stability every angler needs. Whether you are a specimen or carp angler with one, two or morerods our extensive range at Angling Direct will accommodate your requirements perfectly.

Why Rod Pods? Unveiling the Best in Angling Support

From Stainless Steel to Compact Choices

Rod pods come in various versions, from sturdy stainless steel to lightweight and compact designs. These flexible setups can hold 1 - 4 rods, allowing for a versatile fishing experience.

Here's why rod pods are an angler's best friend:

1. Stability and Security: 2 Rod Pod, 3 Rod Pod, and More

No matter the surface or terrain, our fishing rod pods provide the firm support you need. Explore our options from brands like Fox, Sonik, NGT, and rod pod to find the stability that matches your fishing style.

2. Durability: Best Rod Pod Materials

Stainless steel rod pods are becoming more popular due to their durability. Though slightly heavier, these pods promise longevity and resilience, and brands like Prologic rod pod and Avid rod pod have fantastic offerings in this segment.

3. Versatility: Compact Rod Pod Designs

Whether you're fishing on rivers, banks or platforms, the right rod pod offers adaptability. Check out the compact rod pod options from JRC and Century rod pods for easy portability and set-up on both soft and hard terrain.

Rod Pods & More: Setting Up Perfectly

The Art of Positioning: Fishing Rod Pods with Precision

With fishing rod pods, you can effortlessly ensure that your rods are in the right position. The distribution on the buzzer bars ensures consistency, and brands like Nash provide this convenience.

Rod Pods and Accessories: What Else You Need

When buying a rod pod, you may also need bite detectors and rear supports. Our collection offers everything you need, including products from renowned brands like Fox, JRC, and NGT.

Choosing the Best Rod Pods

Discover the full potential of your angling adventure with the right rod pod. At Angling Direct, we offer a rich variety of top-level rod pods, featuring brands that you can trust at unbeatable prices.


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