Sea Fishing Lures

Any sea angler trying to catch a predatory sea fish will utilise sea lures, they are an essential aspect of their tackle arsenal.

How to Choose the Right Sea Fishing Lure

Whether you’re targeting sea bass, pollock, or mackerel, the right lure is absolutely essential. This is why we, here at Angling Direct stock a whole host of lures, enabling you to choose the perfect lure for your next sea session.

For sea fishing, the most popular lure types tend to be lead-head jigs, metal jigs, plugs (poppers), spoon lures, spinners of soft plastic, jelly type lures. These can be used in a manner of fishing tactics such as spinning, feathering and general lure fishing in the sea. To find out what lure is best for which species or water condition, check out the following article; Guide to Beach & Sea Fishing Bait, Spinners and Lures

You can also read more about sea fishing artificial baits in our dedicated guide; What equipment do you need to start sea or beach fishing?

Popular Sea Fishing Lure Brands

Saltwater is naturally corrosive, and as such the materials used to produce sea fishing lures have to be much more robust than their fresh-water counterparts. Great manufacturers to look out for are Abu Garcia, Tsunami, and Jarvis Walker. Whether you’re looking to purchase a sea bass lure, mackerel lure or spinner, you are guaranteed a top-quality product to entice your next catch.

Welcome to our Sea Fishing Lures Category Page

At Angling Direct, we understand the importance of using the right sea fishing lure for your target species. The perfect lure can make all the difference when it comes to sea bass, pollock, mackerel, and other saltwater game fish. That's why we stock a wide range of sea fishing lures, including lead-head jigs, metal jigs, plugs (poppers), spoon lures, spinners, soft plastic, and jelly type lures. With our comprehensive selection, you can choose the ideal lure to make your next sea session a resounding success.

Our sea fishing lures are designed to work with various fishing tactics such as spinning, feathering, and general lure fishing in the sea. To help you determine the best lure for your target species or specific water conditions, we have prepared a detailed Guide to Beach & Sea Fishing Bait, Spinners and Lures. In addition, our dedicated guide, What Equipment Do You Need to Start Sea or Beach Fishing?, offers valuable information on sea fishing artificial baits.

Popular Sea Fishing Lure Brands

Saltwater is known for its corrosive properties, which is why the materials used in sea fishing lures must be more robust and durable than those used for freshwater fishing. Some of the top manufacturers in the industry, such as Abu Garcia, Tsunami, and Jarvis Walker, have created high-quality lures specifically designed for the challenges of saltwater environments. 

Sea Trout Lures and More

For anglers targeting sea trout, our range of sea trout lures has been carefully curated to ensure you have the most effective options at your disposal. We understand that lure fishing sea trout requires a different approach, which is why our collection includes both classic and innovative designs to help you achieve success on the water.

Customize Your Sea Fishing Experience

In addition to offering a wide variety of lure options, we also provide various colors, sizes, and weights to ensure you can tailor your sea fishing experience to your specific needs. From shallow water to deep sea fishing with lures, our assortment has you covered.

Expert Advice and Tips

At Angling Direct, we don't just sell sea fishing lures; we also offer expert advice and tips to help you make the most of your angling experience. Our knowledgeable team is always available to assist you in selecting the best lures for your needs or to share their insights on the latest sea fishing trends.

Your success in sea fishing with lures depends on choosing the right lure for the job. At Angling Direct, our extensive range of sea fishing lures and expert guidance make it easy to find the perfect lure for your next outing.

Browse our selection today and elevate your angling experience to new heights.

At Angling Direct, we understand the challenges of sea fishing. Our carefully curated selection of sea fishing lures is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced anglers, offering quality and variety to enhance your fishing experience.

Sea Bass Fishing Lures: The Art of Lure Fishing for Bass

Targeting sea bass requires a strategic approach, and our sea bass fishing lures are tailored for this purpose. These lures, from surface skimmers to deep divers, are ideal for the dynamic environments where sea bass thrive. Our best sea fishing lures for bass, including both hard and soft options, are designed to mimic the natural movements and appearance of the bass's prey.

Best Fish Lures for Bass

For bass anglers, choosing the right lure is crucial. Our fishing lures for bass are developed to appeal to the predatory instincts of these fish, featuring designs that provide realistic swimming actions in various water conditions. The range includes everything from jerkbaits to swimbaits, ensuring effective bass lure fishing across different sea conditions.

Beach Fishing Mastery: Selecting the Right Sea Fishing Lures

Beach fishing presents unique challenges, and our sea fishing lures are up to the task. The best lure for beach fishing needs to cast well, withstand turbulent conditions, and attract a range of species. Our selection includes robust and versatile options like spinner bait and sea fishing soft lures, ensuring effective fishing from the shore.

Spinner Bait and Soft Lures for Diverse Conditions

Spinner baits are excellent for their visibility and enticing action, making them a popular choice for beach fishing. Similarly, our soft lures for sea fishing offer flexibility and lifelike movement, essential for attracting fish in varied beach environments.

The Ocean's Call: Best Lures for Offshore Fishing

Fishing in the vast ocean requires lures that can adapt to a range of depths and conditions. Our collection includes versatile options suited for different species and fishing techniques. From sea fishing with lures designed for surface action to those meant for deeper waters, we ensure that you’re equipped for any scenario.

Sea Trout Lures: Targeting with Precision

For anglers pursuing sea trout, our best sea trout lures are a game-changer. These lures are crafted to trigger the aggressive feeding habits of sea trout, with designs that mimic their natural prey. The range covers a spectrum of sizes and colours, ensuring you have the right lure for different sea trout fishing conditions.

Sea Fishing Cod Lures: The Key to Successful Cod Fishing

Our sea fishing cod lures are specifically designed to attract cod in various sea environments. These lures, ranging from jigs to large soft plastics, are effective in deep sea fishing, where cod typically reside. With their realistic movements and textures, they are essential for any angler targeting cod.


What Lures to Use for Sea Fishing?

In sea fishing, the choice of lure greatly depends on the target species and the fishing environment. For predatory species like bass and cod, lures that mimic their natural prey, such as swimbaits, jigs, and plugs, are highly effective. In clearer waters, opt for lures with more realistic designs, while in murkier waters, choose lures with strong vibrations or bright colours to attract fish. Our collection includes specific options, each designed for optimal performance in sea conditions.

What is the Best Lure for Beach Fishing?

The best lure for beach fishing often needs to cover more distance and withstand turbulent water conditions. Weighted lures, such as spoons and weighted soft plastics, are excellent for casting long distances from the shore. Spinner baits and surface poppers also work well by creating visible and audible disturbances in the water, attracting fish even in rough surf. Our range of sea fishing lures includes these types, ensuring effective beach fishing experiences.

What is the Best Lure to Use in the Ocean?

When fishing in the ocean, versatility is key. Deep-sea fishing requires lures that can sink to significant depths and attract fish in less visible conditions. Jigs and deep-diving crankbaits are effective for this purpose. For surface fishing, floating lures like poppers and stickbaits are ideal, especially when targeting fish feeding near the surface. We offer a variety of these fishing lures sea options, catering to different ocean fishing techniques and targeting various species like sea trout and bass.


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