Coarse & Match Fishing Umbrellas

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to be out on the bankside regardless of the weather conditions. This is just as well, as, although we’d all hope that all of our angling sessions are warm and cloudy, for the UK based angler the chances are that you’re going to be spending the majority of your time on the bank in your waterproof getup, with the rain streaming down. Waterproof angling clothing choices are all well and good but for true all-over protection for you and your tackle, you need something a little more heavy duty. If you’re not planning on bringing a full-on bivvy or shelter down to the bank, then an angling umbrella is an absolute essential – ensuring that you can keep dry when the weather is less than clement.

Come rain or shine the fish are always in the swims and, as such, there’s no excuse for letting a little rain stop play, especially with such an incredible array of fishing umbrellas to choose from. We all know that the UK’s weather can be somewhat haphazard – in fact, some would say that the only thing that is predictable about the British weather is how unpredictable it is! If you’re planning a session, you might as well plan for every eventuality so you can stay on the swim and take catches when the other fair-weather anglers have packed up due to a light drizzle.

As with all of the products we stock, here at Angling Direct, we have scoured the markets in order to ensure that we’re bringing you the very finest wet-weather products around. If you’re looking for world-class rain protection then you need look no further and we stock market leading brands to ensure that you can stay dry in even the most miserable of conditions. This is why you’ll find Preston brollies and Daiwa umbrellas in our impressive range, as these are both brands which have an outstanding reputation for quality of build across their catalogues. You’ll also find names such as Drennan, one of the oldest match fishing brands in the UK, as well as the likes of Sensas and Rive – both of which are well established European brands which are highly respected among the huge continental match fishing community. As avid anglers ourselves, we’ve even produced our own brand range: Advanta. This range includes its own excellent umbrellas to keep you dry on a damp British day and we’re proud to put our seal of approval on all the products in the Advanta range. All of the angling brollies that we stock are proven performers which won’t let you down when the rain gets that little bit more intense, so if you do want to be out on the bank in a whole host of conditions then you need look no further – the Angling Direct range of fishing umbrellas are perfect for you.

Whether you’re fishing on a seat box or a traditional day chair, you’ll want to be able to position your brolly with precision so that it sits in the perfect line for the rain to hit it rather than you. After all, in the UK you’re rarely faced with rain that is coming directly downwards and, more often than not, it will feel as if it is being pushed horizontally across the water. This is why many of the brollies in our collection come with adjustable poles. These not only allow you to position the height of the umbrella perfectly – ensuring that you can enjoy flawless head clearance whilst also ensuring that you don’t have masses of air between you and your brolly – but they also allow you to adjust the tilt of the brolly. This allows you to get a snug fit between the pole of your brolly and the rear of your chair or seat box, ensuring that you can maximise the coverage you get and reducing the amount of wasted brolly space.

Some of our angling brollies have also been designed with flat backs. These are designed to rest on the ground of your swim, giving you all-around protection from the elements. This is most popular when used coarse fishing in conjunction with a day chair, as you’re likely to be fishing in a lower profile setup than when match fishing with a seat box. We stock shelther systems which are a fishing umbrella with sides. These kinds of umbrellas often come with pegging points fitted into the rear section of the brolly, allowing you to secure it down on the ground of your swim in case of any stiff winds. These kinds of brollies are especially useful in windier conditions, as they really help to keep any cold off the small of your back – helping to negate any potential back pains. As well as being ideal for the coarse angler, these brollies are also perfect for use when specialist fishing.

Whether you’re fishing with a flat back brolly or a standard angling umbrella, you’re going to want to bear in mind the central boss. This, more than anything else, determines the amount of head room that you can enjoy on the bank. If you’re a tall angler, then a boss which is near-flush to the interior of your brolly will maximise the amount of internal space you can enjoy in the brolly – making your life on the bank that little more enjoyable.

All of the fishing umbrellas in our range have a large diameter. This is because Angling Direct knows that you want to protect much more than just yourself when you’re out fishing. You also want to ensure that all your gear is protected from the very worst of the elements – particularly when you’re fishing with a delicately constructed coarse fishing bait mix which has been crafted with precision to give you just enough stickiness in your method feeder. The last thing you want in a scenario like this is for rain incursion to spoil the delicate balance of bait and water prior to the construction of your rig! This is why having a large angling umbrella which can cover the entirety of you, your chair or seat box, and any other tackle items that you might like to have close to hand, is absolutely vital.

Since drizzle and damp is a way of life for most UK anglers, we’ve got a stellar collection of lightweight fibreglass umbrellas that won’t weigh down your kit, giving you the space to pack other essential tackle items. Nothing is more off-putting than trying to carry a weighty and cumbersome angling item down to your peg – even if it is a bankside essential such as your angling umbrella. All of our umbrellas have been designed using lightweight materials, such as aluminium and fibreglass. These keep the overall weight of your tackle down whilst also ensuring that your umbrella is sturdy and robust – built to last season after season on the bank. Many of our umbrellas feature spiked poles. These have been designed to push through the ground, anchoring your brolly down and holding it in the perfect position throughout your time at the water’s edge. You’ll notice that some of the brolly poles in our range don’t come with these spikes fitted – this is because these brollies are designed to be used in conjunction with a seat box, for which you can purchase brolly arms. Brolly arms attach the pole of your brolly to the leg of your seat box, holding it in the perfect position throughout your angling match. You can find our full range of brolly arms, as well as countless other products, with the rest of our seat box accessories.

However, when you’re on the bank it isn’t only the rain and wind that you’ll have to contend with. As pleasant as it sounds to spend a day sat outside in the sunshine, you’ll know from experience that only a couple of hours on the bank with the sun beating down on your exposed neck is enough to leave you desperate for a little shade respite! The last thing you want to do, whether you’re in a competitive match fishing scenario or you’re simply fishing for pleasure and trying to target your next specimen species, is to leave your fishing rods and retreat to the shade. However, spending all day in the sun can be incredibly damaging to your health. Sun stroke can impact on your angling there and then – not only making you physically ill but also causing your concentration to lapse – and skin damage as a result of overexposure to UV is a very real threat. Popping your angling umbrella up in these kinds of scenarios can be a real lifesaver – ensuring that you can stay focussed on the glittering water in front of you and protecting yourself from more serious harm.

Once again, it’s not only yourself that you need to worry about when you’re thinking about protection from sun damage. UV light can be damaging to your tackle, too, and over time it can weaken line or make bait ineffective. Have you ever stood a photograph on a window sill? You’ll notice that it will start to fade within a matter of days, especially in the height of summer. This is the same effect that the sun will have on your tackle – in particular, your coloured fishing line! Not only will overexposure to the sun fade your line but it will also cause your line (and other tackle) to weaken – potentially causing your gear to fail on you when you need it the most. This is why it is vital that you keep your gear in the shade, preventing possible sun damage as much as possible. Your angling umbrella ensures that the gear you need to have to hand on the bank is as protected as possible – reducing the risk of lost fish due to sun damaged tackle.

With a little help from Angling Direct you’ll be ready for pretty much anything the Great British elements can possibly throw at you! Come rain or shine, you can keep out on bank regardless of the conditions. A large fishing umbrella allows you to focus on what really matters – your angling. The Angling Direct promise is to cover all needs, all bases, and all budgets, with a range that’s both accessible and suitable for newcomers and professionals alike. We also stock products for those occasions when you want to spend a little more time at the water’s edge and our range of bivvies, shelters and brolly systems ensures you can stay out on the bank for as long as your other half will let you! From essential groundsheets right through to the ultimate protection of our fully-enclosed shelters, every item across the range has been given our own personal seal of approval.

If you’d like any more information on any of the angling umbrellas in our range then please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team. Our phone lines are staffed by dedicated anglers, each with their own area of expertise, and they are able to make recommendations and give advice based on their own experiences on the bankside. All calls are completely in-house and any conversation is strictly obligation-free. This means that there is never any pressure on you to make an order and you can mull over our advice for any length of time before making your final decision. The team are also able to help you with any aspect of your experience with us today, so whether you have a finance query or you’d like to check the tracking information on an existing order, they are equipped to assist. If you live near one of our stores, why not pop in for a visit and see your brolly in the flesh before you buy. Our store staff are committed anglers who spend all their free time on the bank, so they would be more than happy to advise you on any of the products we stock. We have stores up and down the UK and you can find your nearest shop using our store locator tool! Angling Direct: serious about your fishing…

Many match and coarse anglers want to be out on the bankside regardless of the weather conditions. Match sessions in particular never call for a full bivvy or shelter set up, so an angling umbrella is an absolute essential – ensuring that you can keep dry when the weather is less than the climate.

What To Look For In An Umbrella For Coarse & Match Fishing

You need a fishing brolly for protection from the elements that can house yourself, bait and tackle. Umbrellas can be attached to your seatbox or spikes in the ground leaving your hands free and taking up less space than a shelter. When shopping for your new match brolly, be sure to look into the waterproof rating, quality of the fabric, sizing, frame structures and different pole types.

Read more about the best brolly features and umbrella types in our Buyers Guide on the AD Blog.

If you’re looking for world-class rain protection then you need to look no further than our range of Preston, Daiwa, Drennan, Sensas and Advanta umbrellas in our impressive range, as these are brands which have an outstanding reputation for high-quality build across their catalogues.

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