Sea & Beach Fishing Scales

Sea anglers will require a pair of scales or ruler (depending on where you fish) to determine with sea species to keep and which will need to be returned back to the sea. Due to certain sea species being at high concerns of decreased stock, it is always wise to check the minimum fish weights or fish lengths of a species before a sea fishing trip.

Types of Sea Fishing Scales

Depending on your measuring standards for fish, having a set of fish scales or measuring equipment is a must and it can be done with either digital scales or analogue. For those that want a quick, accurate reading of a fish’s weight rather than watching a needle bounce between pounds, digital scales are the way to go.

The Angler's Buying Guide to Weighing Scales

How To Use Digital Scales

Many digital scales are easy to use with a simple 2 or 3 button format to which you turn on your scales when you need them, off when you are finished, convert units to your preference (lbs or kilos) and reset ready for the next weigh-in.

What Equipment Do You NEED to Start Sea or Beach Fishing?

Popular Brands for Sea Fishing Scales

Great brands of weighing scales for sea fishing tend to be Berkley and Reuben Heaton. Both of which ensure they can keep up with not only the demands of fishing but the corrosion that saltwater can cause. Some of the weighing scales built for freshwater venues will not surface when dealing with sea species so it is always wise to check out the details of the product. The scales found in our sea fishing section are reliable and ideal for the job at hand.

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