Carp Fishing Lighting & Torches

Carp anglers understand that patience really is a virtue out on the bank, and this means setting up for the long haul on a session. As passionate anglers ourselves here at Angling Direct, we know there is nothing worse than trying to set up in low-level light or being woken up after darkness has fallen whilst trying to reel in a catch when you can’t see past the end of your nose!

Fishing without proper lighting is not only ill-advised but also downright dangerous, and as funny as a story about pitching headfirst into the water might sound, the risk is very real. Daylight does not last forever, not even in the summer so even when you set out from those low lights, early starts to get your lines out before daybreak or you find your bite alarm shrieks in the middle of the night, we have the lighting solutions that can make your stay at the bank a little easier.

Best Light for Night Fishing

Our range of carp fishing lights covers a few styles that you can choose from. For those that are taking a bivvy to the bankside and do not want your bed-time to be determined by the sun setting, bivvy lights are the way to go. Within lighting for a bivvy we also stock lanterns, battery-powered for the most part so you can safely store it in your sleeping area without worry. 

A great light option for night fishing is bank lamps. Some of our bivvy lights double up to be bank proof, with waterproof casing and attachment options to add the lamp to your rod support and bankware. It is important to consider adding a light to your rod set up when night fishing, not only to help identify your rods but to make sure you do not fall into the water’s edge. Many carp anglers own bite alarms with LED lights on to help with fishing in the dark but an extra bank lamp is great for when you’re setting up your kit before the sun comes up and ensures that you’re always ready to spring into action when your alarm cries ‘carp’! 

Another option for lighting up your night fishing experience is the use of head torches. Whether it's worn on your head or dangled from a bivvy clip, the light a headtorch emits is incredibly impressive and will help light your way hands-free when you’re scrambling down the bankside after a catch.

What to Look for in a Fishing Light

When selecting any of the type of lighting we stock, check out the lumens to get an idea of the brightness of the light as well as the colour options of the beam. Most come in bright white lighting but for night fishing red lighting can help light your way without scaring fish. There are plenty of other colour light options from blue to green to yellow available, especially amongst bivvy lighting.

In this way, we have lighting solutions for every possible eventuality, and there is no longer any excuse to let the sun dictate the hours you spend on the bank. All our carp fishing lights have been manufactured by angling experts. Brands like Fox, Chub, and Ridgemonkey sit shoulder to shoulder with lighting experts Petzl and LED Lenser – not only on our shelves but in terms of lighting quality too. We’re committed to making angling accessible to all and, with lights of all kinds coming in a variety of prices, budget need not inhibit your choice.

If you have questions such as what is the best headtorch, or how long a light may need before recharging, you can either call our customer service team or check out the many reviews on carp fishing lights on the AD blog.

As experienced anglers ourselves, we at Angling Direct understand the importance of proper lighting when out on the bank for a lengthy carp fishing session. Setting up in low light conditions or being woken up in the middle of the night to reel in a catch can be a real challenge without the right lighting. With our carefully selected range of carp fishing lights, we aim to make your stay at the bank easier and safer, no matter the time of day.

Night Fishing Lighting Options

Our range of carp fishing lights includes several styles to suit your needs. For those planning to use a bivvy during their session, bivvy lights are essential. Our selection of lanterns, mostly battery-powered, ensures that you can safely store the light in your sleeping area without any worry.

Bank lamps are another fantastic option for night fishing. Some of our bivvy lights also double up as bank lamps, featuring waterproof casing and attachment options to secure the lamp to your rod support and bankware. Adding a light to your rod setup not only helps you identify your rods in the dark but also ensures your safety by preventing accidental falls into the water.

Head torches are another versatile lighting solution for night fishing. Wear it on your head or dangle it from a bivvy clip for impressive, hands-free lighting when scrambling down the bankside after a catch.

Selecting the Perfect Fishing Light

When browsing our range of lighting solutions, consider the lumens for an idea of the brightness of the light and the colour options of the beam. While most lights come with bright white lighting, red lighting can be beneficial for night fishing, as it doesn't scare fish away. Our collection also includes other colour options such as blue, green, and yellow, especially among bivvy lights.

Our carp fishing lights are manufactured by angling experts and leading lighting brands such as Fox, Chub, Ridgemonkey, Petzl, and LED Lenser. We're committed to making angling accessible to all, and with lights available at various price points, budget constraints should not be a concern.

Angling Expert Advice and Support

If you have questions about choosing the best head torch or need information on recharging times, our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to help. Additionally, you can explore the many reviews on carp fishing lights on the AD blog for insights from fellow anglers.

Explore our Carp Fishing Lighting & Torches category and find the perfect lighting solution to make your next carp fishing session safer and more enjoyable. Don't let the setting sun dictate the hours you spend on the bank – light up your angling experience with Angling Direct.

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