Carp Fishing Sunglasses

As avid carp anglers, we here at Angling Direct know the benefits of a good pair of fishing sunglasses.

Why Do We Need Sunglasses for Fishing?

Eye Protection: Quality sunglasses are the only things standing between your eyes and harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. UV rays contain two forms of harmful light. UVB rays are the rays that we see as a burn on the surface of the skin when we’ve spent too long in the sun. UVA rays are even more harmful, as they cause the same effect but deep in the skin. 

Detecting Fish: On the average overcast British day, it is difficult to spot the dark shape of a carp moving along the bed of the water. On a sunny day, this task becomes exponentially more difficult – impossible, even, without the help of sunglasses. 

Do Polarized Glasses Help with Fishing?

A polarized lens removes the surface glare many anglers battler with when visiting the bankside on a sunny day.  With a good pair of fishing sunglasses, you can see clearly spot fish under the water, see, the carp moving amongst the weeds and even keep a better eye on your rod tips and floats that are in direct sunlight.

What are the Best Sunglasses for Fishing?

The best polarising sunglasses for anglers are made from one of two materials; glass or plastic. Colour depends on the lighting conditions and varies grom browns, yellows and greys.

Angling Direct stocks a variety of lens types and frames, so you can be sure that we have a pair of glasses that will suit you. When shopping for a new pair of specs for the bank, the lens of the sunglasses, the nose grips, as well as the frame shape could be the deciding factor between your choice of glasses. The frame style is also a big deal as you have wrapped glasses to cover side glare to aviator style glasses that can be worn for more than fishing.

If you are searching for who makes the makes the best-polarized sunglasses for fishing, Angling Direct stocks a huge range of carp sunglasses, from many great companies for you to explore. With brands such as Shimano, Korda, Trakker and Fortis Eyewear you are sure to grab yourself the best for you next fishing excursion. You can also check out our review of some of the Fortis sunglasses we stock on our blog

If you’d like any more information about the carp fishing sunglasses read our dedicated guide:

An Angler's Buying Guide to Sunglasses

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