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Carp fishing is one of the most popular forms of angling in Europe, with the common, mirror, leather, and crucian carp all populating UK lakes, rivers and other carp fishing venues. Angling Direct stocks a vast range of carp fishing tackle to accommodate this. From bivvies and bed chairs to rods and reels, Angling Direct stocks it all in this dedicated section on our online store. We have also developed our own special Selection of Carp Fishing Gear that we are very proud of - Advanta! If you’re someone who enjoys fishing for carp in all its varieties, we have the ideal product range for you.

Angling Direct have products from all the biggest names in carp fishing. From Korda, Fox, and Shakespeare, to Shimano, Daiwa, and Abu Garcia; we are also able to offer some exclusive deals in the high end of fishing tackle. No matter which brand you prefer to use when fishing for carp, you’ll be able to find the perfect product for you in our extensive range.

For inspiration for which products to buy, you can check out our comprehensive Carp Fishing Tackle Buying Guide on our blog. Or alternatively check out our videos for more help and inspiration. This series of posts gives in-depth information about each aspect of carp fishing tackle – from rods and reels, via lines, to alarms and indicators – making it the perfect resource of advice on carp fishing for beginners. Not only does this guide provide information on the products our team really rate, but it also gives examples of excellent products at each price bracket. This means that whether you’ve been angling since you were out of nappies or have just picked up the sport to have a go, there’s a product for you.

Our blog also features regular posts from some of the most avid carp anglers on our team. In these posts, the team reviews some of the best carp gear in our catalogue, as well as telling thrilling stories of their latest catches. Our blog also regularly features top tips for carp fishing, whether you’re an aspiring angler or a stalwart of the trade. With posts on carp rigs, cold weather baiting, and pole fishing, you’re bound to find something you’ll remember next time you’re on the bank.

We have a staggering selection of rods from all the top names in carp fishing – Shakespeare, Fox and Sonik all feature heavily in our catalogue of goods. This isn’t even to mention Daiwa’s incredible range of top quality rods. This full range of carp rods suits all anglers, and we have beginner rods, rods for those who spend a number of hours a week on the water, and even rods to please the most avid anglers out there. If you’re someone who prefers pole fishing for carp you don’t have to worry, either, as we stock a huge range of poles too – each of which has been designed with carp fishing in mind. We have a variety of reels to complement these rods and your individual fishing preferences. Our collection of freespool and big pit reels are suitable to which ever kind of carping you enjoy – whether you’re on fisheries teaming with carp or on challenging water targeting demanding catches. Float fishing for carp, surface fishing for carp, feeder fishing for carp – no matter which area of the sport you want to try we have the ideal products for you.

Angling Direct has a vast selection of carp specific bait and additives, which are vital products to add to your fishing tackle arsenal. Without bait, there’s nothing to entice a carp onto your hook, so this really is one of the most important elements of your fishing, and we aim to cater for all needs. Carp are natural bottom feeders who are very weather dependant, so Angling Direct has a full range of boilies to complement the carp’s needs, as well as the revolutionary corn pop-ups from Enterprise tackle which are perfect for summer fishing. In this way, you can expertly craft your own mix of bait from our vast range, to suit not only your needs but also the demands of the carp. Our comprehensive range allows you to restock your carp fishing supplies quickly and effectively – and you can utilise our next day delivery service to ensure that the tackle and bait you need is on your doorstep the very next day!

Fish care is important no matter what type of fishing you do, but with carp it is especially important to look after them whilst you weigh and take photos of them. Angling Direct has a huge range of fish care products, from unhooking mats especially designed for carp, to weigh slings, and even medical kits to help the carp heal once the hook has been safely removed. Carp care is paramount at all times during fishing, as failing to properly look after your catch may cause the fish permanent damage.

Long gone are the days of simply staring at your rod waiting for a bite. Since they were first invented in the 1950s, bite alarms have taken the carp industry by storm, and are now a staple of the carp anglers tackle portfolio. Angling Direct supplies a full range of bite alarms and indicators. Our buyers guide recommends some of the best alarms and indicators currently on the market.

Carp fishing lends itself to long sessions as much as it does a quick overnighter. To accommodate this, Angling Direct has a comprehensive selection of bivvies, brollies, shelters, bedchairs, and sleeping bags. These are all designed with optimum comfort in mind, to ensure you have a warm and peaceful nights sleep – unless your bite alarm goes off!

No matter your preferences, whether you favour quick overnighters or are in for the long haul; whether you fish in well known waters or prefer a more challenging catch; whether you are a novice angler or have been on the bank since birth: Angling Direct has the carp fishing tackle for you! We have a huge range of carp gear for sale already but we are constantly adding more products all the time so do check back often.


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