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Carp fishing is one of the most popular fishing styles in the UK with many booking carp fishing lakes with log cabins as the new staycation! Common Carp, Mirror Carp, and Crucian Carp are just some of the species of fish found in British freshwater bodies such as lakes and rivers.

Our online fishing tackle store has a wide range of high-quality carp fishing equipment. Shop for carp tackle from the leading fishing brands at the best prices, that you can find: carp rods, carp reels, landing nets, carp bait boats, carp fishing rigs, bedchairs, bivvies, carp fishing clothing, and more carp fishing accessories. Only the best carp fishing equipment has been selected by Angling Direct as we are the No.1 Carp Fishing Tackle Supplier in the UK.

Choosing the Best Brands

Angling Direct offers leading carping fishing tackle brands such as Korda, Fox, Shakespeare, Shimano, Daiwa, Abu Garcia, and many more! We are also able to offer exclusive deals on top-of-the-range items such as landing mats, rod pods, bait boats, and carp rigs. Whatever brand you prefer to use for fishing, you will be able to find the perfect item for you in our dedicated range for your carp fishing sessions.

We have also developed our own selection of carp fishing tackle that we are very proud of - Advanta! If you like lake carp fishing, in ponds, at the water's edge, or under other fishing spots, the Advanta range has plenty of fishing gear made with fishing for carp in mind.

Carp Fishing Essentials

The top 5 items are a must when selecting carp gear:


Fishing Rod(s): One or two carp rods preferably with a test curve of 1.5 – 2.5

Fishing Reel(s): Big pit reels and bait runner reels are popular choices with 8lb – 12lb lines.

Landing Net: Triangular net with soft hex mesh.

Tackle Box: A box that contains compartments for fishing tackle and your best carp fishing line.

Rod Support: Rod rests or a rod pod to place your active rods on and attach bite alarms too.


We have an impressive selection of carp rods for all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced anglers. Carp are a vigilant freshwater fish species that feed mainly on the bottom in cold waters, so knowing which fishing techniques and equipment to choose for different seasons is essential. Nash, Greys, and Sonik are all in our fishing rod catalog, not to mention the incredible range of premium carp rods from Daiwa. This comprehensive range of carp fishing rods is suitable for all carp anglers. 

We have a variety of carp fishing reels to complement these rods and your preferences as well as rod and reel sets. Our collection of front drag and spinning reels caters to all tastes, whether you enjoy team fishing, solo fishing, challenging difficult waters, or targeting demanding catches with float, surface, or feeder fishing techniques - whatever area you want to try, we have the perfect product for you.

In addition to bait, hooks, swivels, and leaders, we carry a variety of other essential carp fishing tackle. We have a variety of carp fishing rig options that have proven to be effective in catching carp. Our carp fishing hooks and swivels are of high quality and come in different designs, they are the perfect tools to help keep your rig and bait in place.

Best Baits

Maggots, sweetcorn, and bread are 3 top carp baits, however, what one carp may love, another may completely ignore! Make sure your bait box is stocked with the right carp fishing bait; after all, when the weather shifts so make a carp’s feeding habits! Our comprehensive selection will help ensure success on any angling expedition.


In winter or cold water, bottom baits such as boilies, bait liquids, and particles work well. Followed by techniques like zig fishing. In the summer, carp are usually just below the surface of the water to enjoy the sunshine, so we also offer baits for surface fishing, stalking, and float fishing. 

Angling Direct offers a full range of boilies to meet these needs, as well as corn pop-ups, perfect for summer fishing, large lakes, ponds, and rivers. We also have all the bait equipment you need to make your own baits, so you can make your own homemade bait mix from our range, to suit not only your needs but also the requirements of the carp venue. Our comprehensive range allows you to stock up quickly and efficiently.

Care Equipment 

Whenever you are fishing, it's important to take care of the fish, but when unhooking, weighing, and photographing carp this is especially important.

Angling Direct offers a wide range of products for the treatment of fish, from specially designed carp landing mats, weighing scales, water buckets, and carp medical kits to help carp heal once the hook has been safely removed. Carp care is paramount, as the fish always come first.

Bite Alarms 

The days of staring at your fishing float and waiting for a bite are over. Since fishing alarms were invented, they have taken the carp industry by storm and are now a staple item of carp fishing equipment. Angling Direct supplies a comprehensive range of bite indicators. Our buyers' guide recommends some of the best products currently on the market so you have the best fishing season in 2023!

Bivvies and Shelters

Carp fishing can be tough - hours to days spent in the elements, with no guarantee of a bite. No fear! Angling Direct takes some of those woes away with its complete range of carp shelters and accessories perfect for any condition! Enjoy your time at the waterside comfortably, in sleeping bags or on a bed chair or carp fishing chairs from our selection. Sit safely under a fishing bivvy or fishing umbrella. All designs ensure you have an enjoyable overnight carp outing... until that bite alarm starts to buzz!

More about Carp Fishing

In addition to our wide selection of carp fishing tackle, we also offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of your fishing experience. Our staff in the Anglin Direct fishing tackle shops are always on hand to offer expert advice and answer any questions you may have, from how to tie a hair rig to closed seasons for carp.

From carp fishing trips to how-to carp guides, our collection of Fishing Guides on the Angling Direct blog can help you to improve your skills and catch more fish. For inspiration on what carp tackle to buy, you can check out our product reviews on lots of carp fishing accessories on our blog. You can also check out our fishing videos for more help on Youtube! 

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