Specialist Clothing

No matter the time of year, specialist angling means you will at the bank for hours on end trying to land that specimen fish and the breeze on freshwaters can brill a chill that only some quality specialist fishing clothing can solve.

You may be a specialist angler that lives in fishing tee shirts no matter the weather forecast and although we stock a great variety of t-shirts, it doesn’t always suffice. We, here at Angling Direct stock a host of fishing clothing for UK climate conditions, from waterproof fishing jackets that offer protection in the rain to hats that give your head some shielding from the harmful UV rays that come from sitting in the sun.

We offer everything from the biggest specialist fishing clothing brands such as Fox, Korda and TF Gear clothing. Specimen anglers of all persuasions can find the right protection from the elements, as well as flashing stylish angling attire. Whether you are in pursuit of carp, bream, roach or barbel do it in comfort.

Fishing Jackets

on the occasion that you get caught in one of the UK’s drizzly showers, we stock a range of waterproof and winter fishing jackets that will keep you warm on the frosty bank. We also have lightweight jackets ideal to pull over your head when there is a breeze during a sunny spell. Our range is comprised of half-zip and quarter-zip pullovers and the more conventional full-length zip jackets and ranges from cheap fishing clothing to the more costly such as Daiwa fishing clothing.


Whether you’re looking for a top to see you through the summer or you simply want an extra layer to wear in the colder months, we have a huge variety of t-shirt styles for you to choose from. Fishing tees that look as good off the bank as they do on it are proving extremely popular and they all come in a range of angling friendly colours, keeping to those muted tones whilst using modern design prints to offer style to your wardrobe.


The humble hoody is another angling clothing item which is well worn both on and off the bank. Offering a combination of warmth and comfort, it is ideal for wear in those in-between seasons when the weather isn’t warm enough for your t-shirt but nor is it cold enough for all full winter jacket. There is a huge range of styles and designs in our store, from all the biggest names such as Trakker fishing clothing that provides long-lasting hoodies, mostly in a carpy green.


Mobility on the bank is always important and you don’t want to feel restricted by your clothing. a pair of fishing joggers ensure that this is never a problem and they allow you to move freely on the bank. This also makes them popular as a sleepwear option in the colder months.

We also stock a full range of combat/cargo style fishing trousers on our site and in our shops. These trousers are defined by their large quantity of pockets and these are the perfect option for the angler who likes to keep their gear close to hand.

Bib ‘n’ Brace

The bib ‘n’ brace - also known as salopettes - is a pair of waterproof trousers that come up to your midriff or chest and are fastened with a pair of braces over your shoulders. Salopettes offer an additional layer of insulation, protecting you from any draughts which might slip in under the hem of your jacket. This is ideal in the very chilliest months when you’ll be grateful for this extra layer of padding.


Suitable for all weather conditions, you can’t beat a hat such as a woolly beany or a bobble hat to keep your head warm during the winter or a cap to keep the sun off your face in the summer months. The hats in our range come in a variety of styles, from looks that wouldn’t look out of place in the most fashionable high street shops to classic bank wear that clearly identifies you not only as an angler.

When landing world-class specimens, treat yourself to comfort, protection and performance clothing.


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