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When it comes to fishing, we, here at Angling Direct, understand that bait distribution is among the most important aspects of the angling experience. Our collection of catapults reflects this as we’ve worked tirelessly to put together a comprehensive range of fishing catapults featuring dozens of models from the world’s foremost authorities in fishing excellence. Angling Direct is committed to only ever stocking the very items we ourselves use for our own fishing, so you can rest assured of a hand-selected and hand-tested piece of premium kit every time.

 A high-quality design will assist with pinging bait in a tight group up to 30 yards that is why we have some amazing brands amongst our collection. You’ll find the latest lines from Guru, Fox, Middy, Preston, Korum, and so many more – all of which have long-standing reputations for both excellent product performance and exceptional value for money. Drennan, in particular, has an impressively large range of catapults to suit all occasions and angling styles. We can also offer exclusive deals across the board on all the Daiwa products in our store, as we are the biggest stockist of Daiwa products in the country.

Types of catapults for fishing

Catapults are essential for all fans of loose feeding, but regardless of your personal fishing style, preferences, or available budget, we have the perfect fishing catapult to help make your next outing a stellar success story. There’s a lot more to it than simply flinging your top quality bait across the water and each catapult comes with tailored instructions for operating successfully. You might think that there’s only so much that can be different between one catapult and the next, but our suppliers work tirelessly to improve their products year on year. This means that more advanced catapults with individual modifications are released year on year. 

Fishing Catapult Pouches

You will find that many of our catapults come with various different pouch sizes and styles to suit all of your feeder needs. If you pick up a fishing catapult with a larger pouch, the better is will house pellets and particles. A large pouch on a catapult with also makes it possible to deposit a large amount of feed very quickly. 

There are a few types of catapults that you will see in this section such as match catapults, boilie catapult, grounbait catapults and more. If you are into match and coarse angling, you want to look for catapults with a triangular pouch made of mesh and a rubber ring at its base. These lightweight styled pole catapults are great for loose feeding and tight grouping of freebie baits such as maggots, hemp and small pellets.

Boilie catapults can be used across the disciplines and are often recognised by its larger pouch that is made of rubber which also offers larger draining holes that mesh. The boilie catapult is perfect for introducing small amounts of bait up with accuracy, often reaching 60 yards from your peg. With a boilie catapult, providing the elastic is strong, you can shoot 15 mm boilies over 100 yards!

For those a fan of bait that is softer than boilies, try picking a catapult with a rigid holder and a pouch. This design is great for launching uniformed sized groundbait balls as it can hold the soft bait central without crushing or breaking the ball as you pull the elastic back.

Carp and specimen anglers will find a catapult with a robust frame and sturdies elastics ideal and only require a small pouch. A smaller pouch on a catapult will help reach those extreme distances where the specimen are hiding. It is likely that with a smaller pouch on a catapult you will be able to reach 100 yards!  

Check your catapult elastic

Pouch design aside, the best catapult can only work when you have the elastic just right. The length of the elastic on a fishing catapult can be tailored to your liking but longer elastics on a catapult result in a slow power acceleration which achieves maximum distance with minimum spread and tight grouping of bait.

We also stock plenty of different elastics, so you can get the right amount of force for launching your bait across the water. All this variety means that not only can you pick the perfect catapult for your needs, but you can also adjust the catapult you buy to cover a whole spectrum of uses. We also stock replacement elastics, so once you found your favourite catapult frame and pouch, you don't need to let some tired elastic get in your way of more uses. 

A catapult really can make the vital difference on a match day between first place and second place, so picking the right one is essential to your angling success. With so much variety to chose from, our customer services team are always happy to give advice, or if you pop into one of our shops you can speak with any of the expert anglers who work there. You can find your nearest Angling Direct on our store locator page.

Here at Angling Direct, we’re happy to say that fishing isn’t just our business – it’s also our passion. That’s why we’re always delighted to hear from our customers with any questions on any of our products or indeed any area of angling whatsoever. You can find all our contact information on our customer services page, or speak to us via any of our social media sites. We are active as @AnglingDirect on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to name a few. You can also check out some great how-to guides and Catapult tackle reviews on our AD blog.

Fishing Catapults: Unleash Your Bait with Precision and Power

Why Use Fishing Catapults?

Angling isn't just about patience and precision—it's also about the clever use of tools to outwit your quarry. One such tool is the fishing catapult. This is your secret weapon for effectively distributing top-quality bait across your swim. The art of bait distribution is crucial in tempting the fish towards your hook, and that's where our comprehensive range of fishing catapults comes into play.

Best Fishing Catapult: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

The best fishing catapult for you depends on the range you aim to cover and the type of bait you use. But fret not, we've got you covered with a variety of catapult pouch styles: large pouches, triangular pouches, rigid plastic and boilie catapults. 

The Power of Quality:Fishing Catapults Elastic

A high-quality fishing catapult can ping your bait into a tight group up to 30 yards away. That's why we stock amazing brands like Guru, Fox, Middy, Preston, Korum, and more. Each brand boasts a long-standing reputation for outstanding product performance and exceptional value for money. We are proud to carry a diverse range of Drennan catapults, suitable for all occasions and angling styles.

Catapults for Fishing: A Tool for Every Bait Type

Whether you're using pellets, particles, or boilies, we have a fishing catapult designed to maximise your bait distribution.

Large Pouches: Ideal for housing pellets and particles, large pouches allow you to deposit a hefty amount of feed swiftly.
Triangular Pouch: These lightweight catapults, crafted from mesh with a rubber ring base, ensure a tight grouping of freebie baits such as maggots, hemp, and small pellets.
Boilie Catapult: Featuring a larger, rubber-made pouch with significant draining holes, these catapults are perfect for introducing small amounts of bait with accuracy and a reach of around 60 yards.
Rigid Plastic Cup: If you're a fan of ground bait balls, opt for a pouch with a rigid holder designed for launching uniform-sized balls.

Unleashing the Bestfishing Catapult Elastic

How far your catapult launches your bait depends on the length of your fishing catapult elastic, the weight in the pouch, and the bait type. Most catapult designs comfortably cover up to 20 yards, ensuring accuracy and tight grouping. If you find a catapult that suits you but requires a change of elastic, we've got you covered—we stock these, too!

Explore Our Range: From Catapults to Other Essential Angling Tools

Our offering doesn't end with fishing catapults. We also stock throwing sticks, spod rockets, and even bait boats for the technologically savvy angler. Browse our range today, and you could have a brand-new catapult (or another fantastic product) on its way to you before the end of the day!

Don't Wait—Dive into Our Range of Fishing Catapults Today!

A quality fishing catapult can mean the difference between a successful day on the bank and a disappointing one. So, don't wait—discover the perfect fishing catapult for your needs today and add that extra edge to your angling experience.

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