Specialist Fishing Line

If you're looking for a specialist fishing line for that target specimen that you want to land without a nasty snag, look no further. We have braided, tapered, mono or fluorocarbon mainline from leading brands including Daiwa, Korda, Ridgemonkey and Nash. Married up with the right specialist reel and you have the recipe for success!

Angling Direct has worked tirelessly to assemble a market-leading collection of fishing line products and accessories which cover all fishing styles and all budgets across the board. Whether you’re looking to for a carp fishing line to target personal best fish or you’re after a perch line for the finesse of lure movement, you can rest assured that we have the best fishing line selection.

Monofilament Line

Fishing monofilament line is by far and away from the most popular type of fishing line across the species. With a plethora of benefits, monofilament line is low in cost, translucent and easy to dye to you chosen waters. Monofilament fishing line is stretchy adding length and flexibility to your line, absorbing those aggressive lunges. The ESP Syncro XT line is exceptionally stretchy! Monofilament line also has a large diameter to strength ratio, so if you’re looking for a super strong line for battling huge fish then this isn’t the choice for you.

Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon offers a near-invisible line choice for ultimate stealth angling. Fluorocarbon has the same refractive index as water, so it bends light like a liquid. This means that it vanishes in the water, making it practically undetectable and it is the preferred choice for anglers fishing in clear waters or angles targeting easily spooked fish. The Gardner fishing line offers improved knot strength and fast sinking thanks to fluorocarbon being significantly denser than monofilament line.

Braided Line

Composed of multiple fibres which have been moulded and welded together, braided line is the only line type that does not rely on a single fibre or strand of material. The multi-fibrous construction of braid ensures that this line can offer incredible strength with a small diameter. This is excellent when you’re targeting larger or harder fighting fish, as you can keep a small (near invisible) line whilst enjoying maximum break strain strength. The Fox Exocet Braid Line is great for marking or spodding for those specimens as it measures a breaking strain of 20lbs, but we do sell braided lines with 30lbs to 50lbs plus. It is also a dense line type, so it sinks quickly through the water column – making it an excellent choice for the angler fishing with bottom baits such as barbel anglers.

Whether you are one of a fisheries’ carp syndicates or you are a new specimen angler, if you have any questions just pop customer services a call or use Shop Finder to find your nearest Angling Direct to get a demonstration of line types, tips and more!

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