Predator Sleeping Bags & Pillows

Some UK waters are renowned for catching pike in the dead of night but most predators are caught between the first two hours and last two hours of darkness. In between these hours of darkness, you need some shut-eye and although our collection of bedchairs are fierce, during pike season you need that extra warmth and comfort to get a decent kip.

We, here at Angling Direct offer comfortable sleeping equipment for all year round use, with waterproof, padded and customisable products to add to your bedchair and bivvy set up, making your home at the bank as luxurious as possible as a sleepless night may leave you likely to miss out on the tell-tale signs of a grubbing pike than the angler who is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a night of impeccable and undisturbed sleep. If you’re an angler who has ever tried to spend a night at the water’s edge then you’ll know just how important a top-quality sleeping bag is.


When we’re talking about sleeping bags, the season is used in a different manner to when we’re talking about ‘the seasons’ in terms of the weather. Sleeping bags seasonal ratings are numbered, from the lowest (one) to the highest (five). One season sleeping bags are perfect for use in the very hottest months, especially if you’re an angler who regularly heads to the continent. Two season sleeping bags run from late spring through to early autumn, whereas three-season sleeping bags provide insulation which will see you through from early spring to late autumn.

Four season fishing sleeping bags are where we really start getting into heavy-duty gear. If you’re someone who feels the cold or you’re planning on fishing late into the winter, a four-season sleeping bag is perfect for your needs. These winter sleeping bags are perfect for UK pike fishing season and can usually ensure warmth in even sub-zero temperatures and are ideal for use throughout the majority of the angling calendar. We also stock five-season sleeping bags which are most commonly used by cold-weather enthusiasts, great for someone who feels the cold but who still wants to enjoy the best of the winter angling.


As you might expect, the level of insulation that the sleeping bag offers is the major determining factor in how warm the bag will be in the coldest conditions. Like most carp fishing sleeping bags, Predator sleep ware offers incredible comfort such as the Trakker peach-skin sleeping bag. Angling sleeping bags usually come with a synthetic fibre filling, as this is quick-drying, easy to clean, and, unlike traditional down, it doesn’t lose all effectiveness when damp. Insulation does play a huge part in the overall weight of the sleeping bag. If you’re an angler who favours mobility over comfort then the weight will be top of your priority list.


If you purchase a sleeping bag from the lower-priced end of the market, then the chances are it has low-quality zips and you’re going to struggle should you need to quickly respond to a screaming bite alarm in the middle of the night. We, here at Angling Direct only stock high-quality sleeping bags that have perfectly meshing zips, to minimise heat loss, such as Fox sleeping bags.


Some of the sleeping bags and bedchairs we stock will come with their own pillow sections, however, many anglers still prefer to invest in their own pillow as it allows them to position it precisely for comfort. Many of the pillows we stock will come with similar elastic attachments to those on the sleeping bag which allow you to fasten it to your bedchair and sport soft-touch peach skin fabric which is suitable for even anglers with sensitive skin, ensuring that you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Our angling pillows are usually smaller than traditional pillows, as this ensures that they fit perfectly on your bedchair and are not at risk of slipping off in the night but we also stock some quirky cushions from the Gaby Fish Pillow collection that may catch an angler’s eye.

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