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Although we’d love our angling sessions to be warm and cloudy, the UK is a rainy place you’re going to be spending the majority of your time in your waterproof getup. You can wear your waterproof clothing but for true all-over protection for you and your tackle, you need something a little more heavy-duty. You do not need a full-on bivvy or shelter down to the bank for short session angling, so a fishing umbrella is a solid choice.

Come rain or shine the fish are always in the swims and so should you once you kit yourself out with the right brolly. We stock an array of fishing umbrellas to choose from. You’ll find Preston brollies and Daiwa umbrellas in our impressive range, as both brands have an outstanding reputation for quality. You’ll also find names such as Fox, Aqua and Gardner.

It only takes a couple of hours on the bank with the sun beating down on your exposed neck to leave you desperate for a little shade respite! Spending all day in the sun can be incredibly damaging to your health, so popping your angling umbrella up in these kinds of scenarios can be a real lifesaver – ensuring that you can stay focused on the glittering water in front of you and protect yourself from more serious harm. The UV light can be damaging to your tackle, too, such as discolouring your lures!  Your angling umbrella also ensures that the gear you need on the bank is as protected as possible from UV light – reducing the risk of lost fish due to sun-damaged tackle such as weakened line or ineffective bait.

Whether you’re fishing on a traditional day chair or a stool, you’ll want to be able to position your brolly with precision so that it sits in the perfect line for the rain to hit it rather than you. Therefore, many of the brollies in our collection come with adjustable poles that not only allow you to position the height of the umbrella perfectly but also allow you to adjust the tilt of the brolly. This allows you to get a snug fit ensuring that you can maximise the coverage you get and reducing the amount of wasted brolly space.

Make sure to consider the central boss as this determines the amount of headroom that you can enjoy on the bank. If you’re a tall angler, then a boss which is near-flush to the interior of your brolly will maximise the amount of internal space you can enjoy in the brolly.

We’ve got a collection of lightweight fibreglass umbrellas that won’t weigh down your kit, whilst also ensuring that your umbrella is sturdy and robust to last season after season on the bank. Many of our umbrellas also feature spiked poles which are designed to be pushed through the ground, anchoring your brolly in the perfect position at the water’s edge.

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