Carp Fishing Tools

They say it takes the right tools to get any job done properly, and this really couldn’t be apter when it comes to carp fishing! Our comprehensive range of fishing tools from carp care kits to tools to help you make easy carp rigs, to help you make sure you have every box ticked every time you make an outing. Only by dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s can you ensure that your success and enjoyment aren’t held back by a simple lack of gear.

We’ve scoured the markets both here and abroad to assemble a collection that’s comprehensive and only features products from the best brands in the business! That’s why you’ll find expert names such as Fox and Gardner in our prolific list. We even stock the series of Korda rig toolz to help you make the best carp rigs in short yet precise manner. All our fishing tools can be considered essential, and many of them are centred around fish care and safety on the bank. For example, you’re going to need those delicate wire cutters when the hook has become dangerously embedded in the fish.

The fish aren’t the only ones who benefit from our precision angling tools. You can be the finest rig tier on the bank, but if you don’t have scissors for those meticulous adjustments then you may have well stayed at home. We only ever retail the fishing tackle that we use on a daily basis in our own fishing, as we know from experience that without the right tools for the job you may as well go home. So, whether you’re looking for the most durable forceps currently on the market or a high-end multi-tool to tick several boxes in one go, we’ve got just the tools for the job, literally!

The Angling Direct purchasing team is constructed from a group of passionate anglers who enjoy fishing for carp. They hand-select and verify each product for quality and value for money across the board, using their own unique experiences to confirm it is an essential piece of kit. This extensive process means that no matter what it is you choose you’ll be delighted with the result. What’s more, we keep an eye on the UK market at all times to ensure the lowest prices across the board. Our price checked sticker assures you that you’re getting the vest best value on the market today.

If you are in need of any advice regarding fishing tools, or have any questions about anything regarding the ordering process, you can give our customer services team a call using the contact information on their dedicated web page. We have unrivalled customer services, so why not try it out? Our shop staff are among the most experienced anglers on our team, so pop into your local Angling Direct to quiz them on any aspect of angling.

They say it takes the right tools to get any job done properly, and this really couldn’t be apter when it comes to carp fishing! Carp fishing tools help you make easy carp rigs, unhook fish, cut weed attached to your tackle or prepare your fishing bait.

What Tools Do I Need for Carp Fishing?

A range of baiting needles to slice or drill your carp bait is always a must in your tackle toolbox. Scissors, disgorgers and pliers that are made for fishing can cut through the line, remove hooks and help get the fish back into the water safely. For all your carp rig tying needs, there are individual or multi-tools that can be purchased for uncoating braids, securing swivels or rings, or sharpening fishing hooks.

We stock the best fishing tool brands available such as Fox, Korda, Nash, Gardner, RidgeMonkey and more. You can read some carp tool recommendations in our Beginner’s Carp Tackle List over on the Angling Direct blog

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