Specialist Fishing Lighting

Choosing the correct headlamp or lantern is an important decision to make in lead up to a session of specialist angling. Although a camping torch can help, a good head­lamp will fit snugly over your skull to stay with you from the bankside to your bedchair. Head torches are just one option, there are a lot of choices lamps and lighting for fishing available here at Angling Direct to not only light up your peg but bring a little piece of home and comfort to your bivvy.

With a variety of fishing brands that are in the game to produce more than just rods and fishing nets, we carry a selection of headlamps, base lamps and rod tip lights from brands such as Fox, Gardner, RidgeMonkey and more! Make your carp night fishing session more enjoyable with a top-quality head torch or bivvy light. Essential for manoeuvring in the darkness, some LED fishing lights can help you when the natural light leaves and you still need to bait up.

Many specialist anglers set to catch a barbel in the winter and spring where the light conditions are incredibly poor, even during daytime. This is where fishing ultra lights come in handy! Many of our lights are lightweight and battery operated so you can carry them around the bank with you. if you are concerned about going through a pack of batteries, grab yourself a rechargeable fishing lantern!

Lighting has come a long way from that bright white beam that not only blinds fellow anglers but spooks the fish. Many of the lights we stock in this section have a range of customisation available to make them dimmer, brighter and even different colours! The Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite comes with a green fishing light option as well as red and white!

Each lighting product across our fishing tackle range has been hand-selected by us and tested for durability and quality. We even have lights in our own brand Advanta range, as we know that adequate lighting at night is key to angling success in the day.

If you’re the kind of angler who lives for twilight angling, the lighting you choose can make all the difference in the world to your comfort and success rate. For the rest of us early birds who like to get started before the sun (and other anglers) hit the bank, a decent head torch is more than useful to stop us from tangling all our tackle together and enabling to set up our stellar rigs. Preparation is key to angling success, and adequate lighting is key to top-quality preparation.

If you’re in need of any extra help when deciding what light to buy, any member of our excellent team will be more than happy to share their pearls of wisdom. You can find all the contact information on our website – or why not pop into your local store to try out the light and chat face to face with our shop staff – all of whom are avid anglers themselves.

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