Seat Box Accessories

We believe that the right gear is paramount in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of fishing and to boost your catch rates across the board. That’s why we’ve scoured both the domestic and international markets to bring to your door the most incredible array of fishing tackle and accessories covering every fishing type, style, and budget imaginable. Along with our market-leading range of seat boxes, we’re also delighted to offer a comprehensive range of seat box accessories with quality and value for money guaranteed across the board.

Just as angling boasts a variety of styles, rather than sticking tight to just one specific brand we’re proud to have sourced our products from a range of suppliers. This means you’ll find accessories to suit every kind of fishing. That’s why across the Angling Direct range of seat box accessories you’ll find the latest products from match fishing specialist brands such as Maver, Preston, and Matrix. Rather than simply assembling a range at random, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that all bases are covered while at the same time hand-vetting every product for quality and value for money.

Angling Direct is also the largest Daiwa stockist in the UK, meaning we can offer exclusive deals across the range of Daiwa products. This includes their best selling seat box accessories.

Our range of seat accessories covers everything from side trays (great as a solid surface to make bait upon, or simply to lay down your book upon when your alarm sounds out a catch), to cushions to make your seat box that little bit comfier, enabling you to stay on the bank for longer. We also stock a range of gear that can customise your existing seatbox, such as telescopic legs to raise or lower you to your needs, keeping you level on the bankside. So, whether you’re on the market for a new winder tray set, a replacement wheel kit or anything in-between, you can rest assured that Angling Direct has you covered.

We’re also proud to offer a uniquely comprehensive service package, so whether you’re ready to place an order or would simply like a little inspiration with regard to what’s on offer, we’re ready and waiting to take your call right now. All our customer services information can be found on the dedicated page on our website, simply follow the path that best suits your needs to get in contact with someone who will be able to give you all the advice you need. You can use our store locator tool to find your nearest Angling Direct retailer. We’re all avid anglers here, but none more so than our shop staff. Pop in today, and our team will be happy to help with any queries, or simply share a story from a session highlight.

For the widest range of fishing tackle at the UK’s lowest prices, Angling Direct has you covered. We’ve worked tirelessly to make it as easy as possible for the UK’s fishing community to get hold of the right gear at the right price.


Angling can be stressful when you're on the bank and your vital tackle isn't at hand. To combat this, as well as to seriously open up your angling options, we stock a variety of seatbox accessories. On the bank, there are a huge variety of seat box accessories that will keep your favourite fishing gear within reach.

What Seat Box Accessories Do I Need for Fishing?

There are a few items you can add to your seatbox to improve your set up for a day of coarse or match angler such as bait trays, side trays, feeder arms, pole rests, kit roosts, brolly arms, footplates, backrests and smaller items like hand wheels or locking nuts. All these seatbox accessories offer more storage or support for your fishing tackle as well as protection and comfort whilst out on the bankside. 

You can read about each and every one of these seatbox accessories in detail over in our Buyers Guide on the AD Blog.

In our selection of  Fishing Seat Box Accessories will find the most respected brands in the industry from the likes of Preston, Maver, Daiwa, and Matrix. These brands are all coarse and match fishing specialists, so all the tackle they design has been manufactured with the modern match angler in mind.

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