Carp Fishing Catapults

If you want an easy and effective way to distribute your top quality carp bait across your swim to your chosen carp, then you need to look no further than Angling Direct’s range of catapults. Bait distribution really is one of the most important aspects of angling as it’s the only way to tempt your quarry towards your hook, so we aim to stock a comprehensive range of distribution tools to help you in every way we can.

What type of catapult is best?

Pinging bait across the horizon requires more than just any old slingshot. Depending on the range you want to shoot and your choice of carp bait means you need to pick up the right catapult for the job so that when accuracy is what is helping get a fish into your swim, you are not let down.

Large Pouches: The larger the pouches on a catapult, the better it will house pellets and particles. A large pouch on a catapult also makes it possible to deposit a large amount of feed very quickly.

Elastic Length: The length of the elastic can be tailored to your liking but longer elastics on a catapult result in a slow power acceleration which achieves maximum distance with minimum spread and tight grouping of bait.

Triangular pouch: Made of mesh and a rubber ring at its base. These lightweight styled catapults are great for tight grouping of freebie baits such as maggots, hemp and small pellets.

Boilie catapult: Often noticed by its larger pouch that is made of rubber and offers larger draining holes that mesh. Perfect for introducing small amounts of bait up with accuracy and a reach of around 60 yards. With a boilie catapult, providing the elastic is strong, you can shoot 15 mm boilies over 100 yards.

Rigid plastic cup: If you are a lover of a ground bait ball, choose a pouch with a rigid holder for launching uniform-sized balls.  Designed to help to hold the ground bait ball together without it breaking up when the elastic is drawn back. The holder and pouch can keep the balls of groundbait central for accurate distribution.

Which catapult throws the farthest?

How far a catapult might shoot your bait depends on the length of your elastic, the weight in the pouch and the bait you are using. Most elastics on catapult designs will comfortably cover up to 20 yards, achieving accuracy and tight grouping. If you find a catapult you love but need to change its elastics, no fear as we stock those in this section too!

For those anglers aiming for specimen carp, choose for a more robust frame with sturdier elastic and a small pouch. A smaller pouch on a catapult will help reach those extreme distances where the specimen are hiding. It is likely that with a smaller pouch on a catapult you will be able to reach 100 yards! 

Our range of carp fishing catapults features offerings from all the best carp brands on the market. Drennan, Korum, and ESP are just three of the exceptional brands we stock – all of which have enviable reputations for product performance and quality. There’s a lot more skill to operating a catapult than simply loading it with bait and flinging it across the water, and each of the catapults we stock come with a complete set of operating instructions to ensure you get the very best from your product.

A decent catapult can really make all the difference between a successful day on the bank and a disappointing one, so give our range a browse and you could have a brand new catapult on its way to you before the end of the day! Our range of bait distribution tools doesn’t end with catapults, however, and we also stock throwing sticks, spod rockets, and even bait boats for the more technologically minded angler.

If you have any more questions about catapults for carp fishing you can contact customer services or visit our blog for the top tips and tricks as well as product reviews on the pults we stock.

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