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The right net is essential to every angler, as it is the only tool you can confidently use to land your catch safely each time whilst practising proper fish care on the bank. Picking a net right for your style of angling ensures that you never cause any damage to your catch in the delicate process of removing them from their watery home.

Carp Fishing Nets

Carp fishing nets are defined by their long arms, wide gape, deep mesh, and long handle. A combination of these four things will usually lead you to a top-quality landing net. Carp fishing nets tend to offer arms of 42 inches in length which is perfect for landing the vast majority of the UK’s carp. The traditional carp net is triangular and also tend to be deep for retaining the carp prior to release. Retaining fish is important as it gives them time to recover before being either put under further stress (being lifted from the water for weighing and photographs) or released back into the water.

The mesh of the net will vary, depending on the manufacturer, but all will use ‘fish-friendly’ styles. The fish-friendly mesh is not abrasive, so the fish won’t damage their delicate scales, should they be thrashing around in the net. Most manufacturers tend to use a hex-mesh pattern, or two combined meshes in their nets (wide in the top, denser in the base).

One thing to bear in mind is that arm length will often dictate how wide the gape of the net is. Carp net arms come as small as 36 inches or a long as 50 inches. The shorter arms comfortably hold UK carp, whereas the longer arms are ideal for travelling anglers who regularly cross the European waters for carp. These larger nets can also cope with some of the catfish on the continent, too, making them a versatile option.

The net head consists of a spreader block that is usually manufactured from durable plastic, but sometimes from aluminium. This area of the net that holds the arms in place and attaches the head of the net onto the handle, meaning that if the spreader block fails, you’ll have a useless net on your hands, no matter how high quality the mesh or how sturdy the handle. Most carp nets come with 6ft (or approximately 185cm) handles, allowing you to keep your rod tip high whilst you’re landing your capture.

A landing net with a handle that has high rigidity and tensile strength and a high-quality mesh, the higher the quality of the net. We supply nets by Fox, Trakker, JRC, Korum, and many more.

Coarse Fishing Nets and Match Fishing Nets

Coarse fish tend to be on the smaller side of the spectrum and, as such, they tend to require smaller nets. Coarse nets are spoon-shaped, using one arm bent around that attaches to the spreader block at both ends. It’s likely you’ll be coarse fishing in a river, so the two flow mesh is useful.  The two different mesh types might be expressed in different colours or stitching patterns, the first mesh type will have wider holes, the second mesh type will be much finer, softer for the fish. Coarse fishing nets tend to be available to buy separately so you can choose the perfect landing net handle length for your needs for the length of your pole.

If you enjoy match fishing then chances are that you’ll want to invest in a keepnet so you have somewhere to keep your fish for the duration of your match. Usually square in shape and incredibly deep, keepnets can hold a number of fish, ready for weighing at the end of your session to find out your total for the match. Preston’s keepnets are highly regarded in the business, as are Daiwa’s nets. Landing nets are much the same in this category, with Korum and Drennan both producing top-level options.

Predator Nets

Predator nets are often circular in shape, larger than coarse and match fishing nets, but similar in size to carp fishing nets. Predator net mesh tends to be rubberised to reduce the risk that a fish will bite through the net! Shorter handles are useful as you are more likely to be fishing from a boat. Big-name predator brands such as Fox Rage and Catfish Pro all produce specially designed nets for the predator fishing discipline.


One of the most popular net accessories is a net float which sits low on the handle of your landing net, flush to the spreader block. These are used to help the net to float in the water, ideal if you get into the water in order to land your fish, giving you the confidence to release your net, allowing you to use two hands to command your fish closer. Not only useful for the mobile or stalking angler, this is excellent if you’re targeting an especially snaggy swim.

You can also buy spare net mesh and spreader blocks to repair your net or net sleeves, which have been designed to ensure that your car boot is kept damp and stink-free!

Square, triangle, or round – we really do stock every shape and size you could wish for, and they each have been made with a particular fish in mind.