Specialist Fishing Indicators

It takes more than just plenty of cunning and ample skills to outsmart your target specimen fish – it also takes the right tackle and the patience to get the most out of every last piece. As far as pivotal pieces of kit go for fishing at all levels, quality indicators rank pretty highly, to say the least. Whether you want to achieve indicator nymphing to catch those UK freshwater eels or pick up strike indicator fishing, we stock the gear you need, here at Angling Direct.

These days, the range of bite indicators on offer is more extensive and complex than ever before. Our stock stretches from the simplest of designs unchanged for generations to state-of-the-art twenty-first-century incarnations of a whole different calibre. There’s, of course, no right or wrong choice to make – it all comes down to your own preferences and chosen fishing style. If you’re after something a little higher-tech to complement your new bite indicator, you can also browse our incredible range of bite alarms – the perfect tool for the modern technologically minded angler.

In technical terms, there’s only one real distinction: bobbin or swinger (the latter is sometimes referred to as carp hangers). The bobbin design is fixed to the line itself, meaning that when the bobbin lets off its indication (whether that be by rising or lighting up) you know it’s because something is playing with the end of your line. Swingers or hangers hang below the line, providing much more sensitivity to slight movements.

For more information on which type of indicator to buy, you can check out our blog. The blog not only offers regular product reviews, but our Buyers Guide also features a specific section on bite indicators. This spotlights our favourite indicators at each price level and offers a goldmine of expert information.

Here at Angling Direct, we’ve assembled a large collection of indicators featuring dozens of products and accessories from a wide variety of brands – all hand-selected with quality and performance in mind. We only ever retail to products we actually use ourselves, too, so any of our expert team are more than happy to give their personal preference. We’re available in any of our stores or over the phone – all the information you need to get in contact can be found on our customer services page.

You’ll find every leading brand in our stock list, including Delkim, Korda, Fox, Taska, and so many more besides. Whether you’re looking to invest in your first ever set of fishing gear or maybe you’re out to take your already high-level skills to new heights, we’ve got exactly the product to suit your needs. What’s more, we scour the market on a daily basis in order to ensure that our prices are kept as low as possible.

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