Coarse & Match Fishing Pole Support

We’ve worked to find the best coarse and match fishing pole supports on the market right now so that you yourself don’t have to. Rather than stocking hundreds of supports just for the sake of expanding our range, we instead prefer to focus on the highest-quality items that have met with our exacting standards and ticked all the right boxes from top to bottom. From performance to ease of use, to rugged durability, and of course value for money, every support you see for sale at Angling Direct has been hand-selected by us personally.

Our comprehensive range covers all aspects of pole supports – including rollers, rests, and socks. We stock pole roosts for storing multiple poles off the bank. All our pole socks and rests provide safe alternatives to the tulip rest and are perfect for keeping your pole near to hand at the bank. Not only this, but we also stock luggage to keep your rests, roosts, and rollers tidy off the bank.

We also fully believe in the importance of covering all major brands in order to bring our customers a cross-section of the market’s very best products. That’s why you’ll find the latest, and indeed the finest, products from Preston, Maver, and many other household names across our collection. All of the names we stock have long-standing reputations for performance excellence. As the leading Daiwa stockist in the country, it’s only right that we stock a huge range of Daiwa pole supports and pole socks too. We can also offer exclusive deals on Daiwa products that other stockists simply can’t.

We’re all committed anglers here, and our own brand Advanta range reflects that. As a comprehensive collection, it’s only right that the range includes a selection of rollers. So, whether you’re interested in match rollers with multiple independent rollers, or you want something a little lower key, we’ve created the product for you.

The way we see it, you can invest in the finest quality fishing poles in the world but without the necessary support to help you out, you’re looking at trying times to say the least. The good news however is that Angling Direct stocks one of the largest and most exclusively-elite quality ranges of fishing pole supports and support systems in the UK – all for the lowest market prices. When you see the price checked sticker on the product page you know you’re getting the product at the best value on the market.

All fishing types and budgets are covered across the board, so whether you’re gunning for your first match win or are simply looking for a way of upping your game to the highest possible level, Angling Direct guarantees the ideal tools for the job. Give the team a call today for a no-obligation chat on any aspect of fishing tackle. All of our customer services and store contact details can be found on their respective website pages, so whether you’ve been angling for a life time or have only just picked up a pole, we got the knowledge to share with you.

At Angling Direct, we appreciate how essential quality pole support is for your angling experience. A sturdy fishing pole is only as good as the support it rests on. We're here to ensure that you have the best, most reliable equipment for those precious moments by the water, be it a peaceful local canal or a bustling competitive match fishing lake.

Pole Rollers for Smooth Functionality

Pole rollers are crucial for any serious coarse or match angler, and our selection is as varied as the fishing spots you love. Single flat pole rollers offer simplicity and ease, while pole rollers with multiple independent pole rollers cater to those requiring added stability or when double shipping longer poles. We are proud to provide top-notch pole rollers from renowned brands like Matrix, Preston, and Maver, each crafted with the angler's needs in mind.

Organise with Durable Pole Roosts

Keeping your gear organised with the help of a reliable pole roost can make all the difference during your angling sessions. Especially useful for those who prefer to use multiple poles, these off-the-bank storage solutions from trusted brands like NuFish and Daiwa offer a blend of functionality and durability that makes your fishing more efficient and enjoyable.

Easy Access with Pole Socks

Pole socks serve as a perfect accessory for keeping your pole close at hand on the bank. Simple in design yet significant in use, these products provide the convenience every angler appreciates. Brands like Preston and Matrix deliver high-quality pole socks that stand up to regular use without compromising on performance.

Committed to Quality and Functionality

As fellow angling enthusiasts, we at Angling Direct prioritise stocking products from trusted brands that share our commitment to quality and practicality.

We understand the importance of dependable, high-quality equipment, whether you're a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned pro. With our diverse range of pole rollers, pole roosts, and pole socks from industry-leading brands like Preston, Maver, Daiwa, Matrix, and NuFish, we're here to support your angling journey.

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