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Angling Direct is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of fishing poles and whips from the world’s foremost manufacturers. Every item across the range has been hand-selected by our expert team with both supreme performance and excellent value for money in mind. This allows you the freedom to choose from an elite collection of tried and tested products, which have all been proven on the bank. However, despite the fact that we’ve whittled it down to the crème de la crème, choosing the right pole for your needs can still be difficult. You can use this quick guide to give you a brief overview of the types of poles and whips that we stock and what benefits they bring to pole fishing.

Pole fishing has been growing in popularity since its first introduction to UK fishing over a quarter of a century ago. Amongst some angling communities, it is now favoured over traditional rod and reel fishing because of the increased accuracy and presentation the pole allows you to achieve. As you’re able to make a mark on the pole, you can be certain that you’re fishing at the perfect depth each time, often allowing you to multiply your catches over the course of your standard session. It is also a complication free way of fishing, as it is very little that can go wrong in terms of tangles or breakages; provided you use the correct elastic and bait for your pole and your fish, you should be able to enjoy a lifetime of angling with a single pole. This is what often makes pole the preference for those anglers who enjoy the thrill of match fishing, as well as anglers who target commercial fisheries during their carp fishing.

Materials and Components

When it comes to poles and whips, the materials used is the easiest part of the equation. Carbon, carbon fibre, and fibreglass! Carbon fibre is a material that is used across angling and you’ll find it in everything from rods and reels to throwing sticks. This is because it is simultaneously lightweight, strong, and rigid. All three factors are important when it comes to choosing the pole for you. You want the pole to be lightweight as they can be up to 16m in length and you’re going to have to hold it in position on the bank. As you can imagine, you’ll very quickly be building muscle if you try and hold 16m of anything other than carbon fibre out over the water for several hours on end. When it comes to pole weight you need to consider the downforce required to lift the tip of the pole from the ground whilst you’re holding the butt, rather than simply the weight of the pole, so balance is as important as overall weight. A pole also needs to be strong as it is going to be under immense pressure, particularly if you’re using it to fish for bigger species – such as carp. Nothing is worse than having your pole snap under the pressure of a too-big rig as you’re shipping it out. Rigidity is the final piece of the puzzle. Not only will this help you perform better in windier conditions, but it also gives you better (and more accurate) bite indication.

As far as components go, all poles come in numbered sections. The length of the pole listed on our site is the pole with all the sections together – in other words, the length listed is the pole at its longest. Most poles that we stock will also come with a variety of top kits. These are the sections at the very end of your pole and the area to which you’ll fasten your elastic. The most common top kits are power kits and match kits, which are also known as top two or top three kits. We, here at Angling Direct, have a range of universal pole top kits to fit various present and many previous poles. The main difference between these is strength and the power kit is considerably stronger than the match kit. This means that if you’re planning on targeting big fish (such as carp) you’ll want a power kit but if you’re after smaller fish which require more finesse then you’ll want a match kit. You’ll also find that some poles come with cupping kits. These are what they say on the tin – a small cup that sits on the end of your pole. These are used for the distribution of freebie baits and they allow you to place your freebies and your hookbait together accurately.

Now you know what to look out for when you’re looking at the poles in our range, we’re going to go through the three main different pole types.

Margin Poles

As the name suggests, these are poles that are designed for tackling the margins of swims. Because of this, margin poles tend to be on the shorter end of the spectrum and you can find them anywhere between 4m and 10m in length. These are durable and lightweight poles, meaning that they are a great option for junior anglers who are looking to get started with margin pole fishing. Primarily designed for commercial carp fishing, margin poles are also favoured by match anglers who want to catch the large carp which inhabit the margins in these fisheries. The cheapest poles available to purchase are shorter in length because they have less material cost, otherwise, margin poles can cost anywhere between £50 and £300 – although you will find some top-end poles exceeding this figure.

Carp Poles

These are longer poles than margin poles but they still have the strength that you’ll require when you’re trying to target larger fish. This means that you can tackle the carp further out in the water as well as the carp at the margins and these poles tend to be between 10m and 16m in length – with the majority hitting between 13m and 14.5m. These poles can be as little as £150 or as much as £800 and, once again, longer poles tend to cost the most money. It is advisable to go for the longest pole within your budget, as you can remove butt sections in order to shorten the pole as you require.

Match Poles

Match poles are similar in length to carp poles and most match poles that you’ll find on our site will come in at between 13m and 16m. Match poles tend to be lighter and more delicate than carp poles and are best suited to catching average sized coarse fish. They are a more precise tool than the carp pole and tend to be stiffer to allow for a more finessed approach. They are also the most expensive of the poles and, with prices in excess of £750 (and often exceeding double that figure), this is a pole choice for the dedicated match angler. 


For many years whip fishing was dismissed by the UK angling community but it has a huge amount of potential, particularly for match fishing and junior anglers. Whips are short (sometimes telescopic) poles, usually coming in between 3m and 5m – although you can get whips up to 8m long. When used correctly, they tend to have a very quick return rate, allowing you to add extra weight to your keepnet whilst you’re fishing for larger fish using your main pole. This makes it a popular tool for junior and beginner anglers, who don’t want to sit on the bank for hours before getting their first taste of the action, as well as the committed match angler, who wants to use every tactic in order to get ahead of their competitors. Their shorter length also makes them easier to manoeuvre, which is helpful for the first time (or younger) pole user. To make the fishing experience for enjoyable there are some elasticated fishing whips available, adding easy to retrievals. If you have a smaller budget and are looking for cheap fishing poles, whips are considerably cheaper than most poles, with entry-level products coming in under £10. You can find some longer whips breaking the £100s but the average cost tends to be between £20 and £80.

We stock a huge range of pole fishing tackle on our site, from all the leading match fishing brands in the industry. Maver poles are popular amongst those looking for superior quality, as are Preston poles. Sensas and Garbolino are two of the biggest European names and Drennan is popular from the UK, too. As you might have come to expect, Daiwa poles come in at a range of prices and sizes from a 16m fishing pole to a 9.5m margin carp pole. Not only this but, as the UK’s leading Daiwa stockist, we can bring you the most comprehensive range of Daiwa products at exclusive prices.

Made from the lightest, strongest and most durable materials on the market, our angling poles and whips are guaranteed to help bring your skills and enjoyment to a higher level. Suitable for professionals, amateurs and first-time hobbyists, we’ve worked hard to assemble a range that covers all bases and budgets across the board. Not only this, but we are proud to stock an extensive range of pole support options so you can use your pole with confidence on the bankside. We’re also able to offer a variety of pole accessories to make your session as enjoyable as possible. Elastics, landing nets, keepnets, floats, hooks, and other tackle items to complete your match fishing setup, can all be found in the coarse and match section of our site. We also stock a range of seat boxes, umbrellas, and other match fishing essentials, so you really can fill your boots and ensure that you completely bank ready. With our impressive range of tackle in your tackle box, you never have to feel unprepared on the bank again.

As one of Britain’s leading suppliers of world-class carp and coarse fishing gear, we’ve built an unrivalled reputation for both product excellence and unrivalled customer service. Our expert team is always on hand to answer your questions or guide you in the right direction. Our blog archives contain a minefield of knowledge – some of it on the unconventional side to really revolutionise your angling – and we regularly update it with the latest in tackle tactics and catch reports from the ardent match anglers that we have in Team AD. The blog posts also regularly link in with YouTube videos, which are a perfect way to view the pole in action and really get your head around the techniques we talk about on our blog.

Our beginner’s guides are another great place to start for all the basic information you could ever need and they always recommend a great tool for the job. From constructing your first pole rig to detailed information about which elastic to pair with your pole, you can find all the information you need to get started on our blog. We also post weekly reviews of all the latest products on the market so, if you’re trying to split hairs between two of the premier poles on our site, chances are that we’ll have an in-depth review from an independent source on our blog. If you prefer to speak to someone, either face to face or over the phone, our in-store staff and customer services team are always happy to share their wisdom. Our team are all passionate anglers, each with their own personal preferences when it comes to the angling disciplines, so if the person you speak you isn’t able to help then we guarantee they’ll be able to pass you over to someone who can.

You’ll also be happy to know that, as well as our own unrivalled after-care, many of our poles and whips come with extensive manufacturer’s guarantees as standard. This way, you’ll never feel let down by your gear. So check out what poles are for sale online or in our stores.

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