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Fishing Flies

Fly fishing wouldn’t be successful without the terminal tackle that lends its name to the sport, and Angling Direct stock a full range of flies that are set to entice which ever your preferred target fish is.

Our uniquely elite range of fishing flies focuses 100% on quality and performance. It’s one thing to stock thousands of flies from hundreds of unknown brands, but we’ve always preferred to focus on the most effective, durable and prestigious examples which are guaranteed to improve your catch rates. Quite simply, Angling Direct favours quality over quantity.

That’s why among our range of fishing flies you’ll find leading brand names like Fulling Mill and Daiwa, which have earned a well-deserved reputation for superior performance across the board. All of Daiwa’s premier flies have been developed with the assistance of Hywel Morgan, celebrated fly fishing cast-master whose casting lessons are among the most sought after in the industry. Not only this, but because we are the leading Daiwa stockist in the country we’re able to give you exclusive deals on these fantastic flies, as well as countless other Daiwa products across the range. We’ve personally selected each of the flies we stock by hand in order to ensure consistent quality and value for money without exception. As passionate anglers, we insist on only ever selling the gear and accessories we ourselves use day in and day out.

Whether your style of fly fishing is angling for rainbow trout on British lakes throughout the year, or maybe your preference is waiting for the March to October chalk stream fishing season, the flies you choose play a pivotal role in your success. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the most innovative new designs to stock alongside more traditional flies that have proven their worth for generations.

In short, not a single fly you see across the Angling Direct range has been added by chance or by accident – we’re happy to put our name to each and every one. We also stock a complementary collection of fly fishing line to complete your fly fishing outfit.

All the flies in our selection are clearly designed with specific fish in mind, so whether you’re after trout, salmon, pike, or any of the others, we have a fly for you! Our flies are packaged in multi-packs so you have a selection to choose from, and we also stock some individual flies for when you want something a little more specific.

From trout buzzers, to classic dry flies, to the latest in wet flies and all the streamer flies you’ll ever need, we’ve got exactly the tackle you need to take your angling to the next level and beyond. And of course, we’re always on hand to offer a little support and guidance should you need the input of our experts. You can reach our team via the contact information on our customer services page, which also offers the opportunity to search our knowledge box for your query in case someone has asked it before. Our shops also contain a wealth of knowledge, and any of our store managers or sales assistants will be more than happy to help you – you can find your nearest store using the locator tool on our site. Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…


Flies are an integral aspect of predator and fly fishing, in much the same way that bait is an integral part of carp or coarse fishing. Without flies, an angler would just be dropping their line in the water and praying that a fish comes along and likes the look of their hook.  

Why Flies Do I Need for Fishing?

Angling Direct stocks a range of trout and salmon flies, all of which have been expertly designed to keenly match the prey of their target fish. Our range includes surface flies that are designed to float on the surface, such as mayfly imitation, daddy long legs imitation, and a sedge fly, buzzers, nymphs & emerging fly patterns and bright attractor flies that tend to be less natural-looking.

Fulling Mill is the world leader in commercial fly-tying, so you can be confident that the flies you buy from Fulling Mill really are world-class. Alongside the range from Fulling Mill, Angling Direct also stocks a full range of flies from Daiwa, Dragon Fly and Snowbee.

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