Sea Fishing Sunglasses

To an avid sea angler, the right pair of sunglasses can give you a real advantage on the shoreline, dock or from your fishing boat. No matter the cloud cover, if there is light hitting the water there will be a reflection, causing a glare which in turn makes spotting the movement of sea species, especially in muddier waters of the UK shoreline even trickier.  Although a stylish baseball cap (which can be found in our collection of angling clothing) can go some way to remedying this problem, sunglasses are the only real solution.

We here at Angling Direct stock some of the best-polarised sunglasses for fishing that will help in the battle against the sun and land you some fish by the sea. All of the sea fishing sunglasses in our range are finely tuned to aid the angler to see deeper under the water with different lens types available, from browns, yellows to blues. We also provide different frame styles such as Aviators, Wraps and Isolators, so you can find a pair of glasses that best suit your face and head shape.

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Choosing the right fishing sunglasses is about so much more than performance – it’s also about your own personal protection. Spending hour after hour in the sun is undoubtedly one of the core pleasures of angling, but at the same time has the potential to do real damage to your eyes. As such, you need to invest in sunglasses that not only assist with your enjoyment in general but also look after your health.

Great fishing sunglasses manufacturers to look out for are Fortis and Shimano. Both are experts in providing eye care for you in sea fishing conditions.

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