Sea Fishing Rod Supports

Sea fishing can be as full-on, or as laid back as you like, so if you plan on soaking up the sun at some point on your next fishing trip, be it on land or sea, you will need some sort of rod support to house your rods whilst you’re relaxing or readying other kit.

Rod rests come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and location. If you’re planning to fish from the shore, most beach anglers will opt for a tripod setup, the tip of the rod is high in the air and so your line will be suspended over the crashing white water, improving bite detection.

If you’re out to sea on a boat session, you will want a rod holder adapted for boat fishing, acting like a vice on the side of the boat, preventing your rods from being pulled into the water once you get a bite.

You will find all the top manufacturers of sea fishing rod rests on the AD shelves, from Ian Golds and Leeda, right through to DAM and Imax, we’ve got your beach rod rests covered.

New to sea fishing? Check out the links below to make sure you’re up to speed.

What Equipment Do You NEED to Start Sea or Beach Fishing?

Winter Clothing Buying Guide for Anglers

We supply clothes for fishing both from a boat and from the shore. So, whether you need a sea-proof bib and brace to keep you dry whilst you wade out into the surf or a full floatation suit to ensure you’re safe on the water, we have the product for you.

Sea fishing presents a unique challenge to angling clothing manufacturers. Not only do they have all the usual elements to contend with (water, wind, etc), but they also have to accommodate the often harsher conditions of the coastline, as well as the corrosive nature of saltwater. Great clothing brands to look out for are Sundridge, Skee-Tex and Vass.

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