Bivvy and Shelter Accessories

For many anglers, nothing quite beats a night in your bivvy by the bank. However, long gone are the days of the angling community putting up with the bare minimum when on a long or overnight session. We, here at Angling Direct stock an amazing array of fishing bivvy accessories to really make your shelter a home away from home.

What Bivvy Accessories Do I Need for Fishing?

We have a few upgrades that can make a simple bivvy such as a groundsheet to keep your fishing gear off the damp terrain or a skullcap to extra layer of protection and heat retention over the top of your bivvy. In our bivvy accessory selection, you will also find a range of bivvy mats to wipe your fishing boots, bivvy tables for making rigs on, bivvy fans, heaters, and bivvy repair kits.

Maximizing internal storage is a must, especially for carp anglers with lots of gear, so some bivvy accessories are designed to keep your bivvy organized such as rig stations, cooking stations, bedside pop-up cabinets, or other organizers that can be attached to the interior of your bivvy or shelter.

Find great bivvy accessories made by the best brands on the market such as; Trakker, Nash, RidgeMonkey, Prestige, Avid Carp, and more. You can also read our Top 5 Bivvy Accessories over on the Angling Direct blog.


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