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You’ll be hard pressed to find a dedicated match angler on the bank who doesn’t own a top quality seat box from one of the many brands available here at Angling Direct. The uninitiated might be wondering why match anglers are investing in more expensive and seemingly less comfortable bankside seating solutions when a top quality chair and tackle box combination will do much the same job? Although a chair and tackle box combination might be perfectly suitable for coarse, river, carp, and predator fishing with a rod and reel combination, when it comes to match fishing with a pole you simply cannot beat a seat box.

First things first, one of the biggest advantages of a seat box is that combines all your terminal tackle storage with your chair. This allows you to hugely consolidate the amount of gear you have to lug to the bank each time and it ensures that you never have to worry about accidentally leaving vital gear behind. Many of the seat boxes that we stock use a combination of drawers and trays for the storage of gear, although the amount of storage space that you’ll find varies seat box to seat box. This allows you to choose the perfect storage solution for all your needs; whether you’re an angler whose main concern is travelling light and you only take the essentials or you’re an angler who likes to be prepared for all eventualities, you’ll be able to find the ideal seat box for your needs in our range.

You’ll find that some of the most basic seat boxes in our range use the cushion of the seat as a lid, leaving you with a large storage recess for all your gear. These seat boxes tend to be significantly less expensive than other multi-compartmental options and they also tend to be favoured by beach fishing sea anglers rather than match anglers. The obvious downside of this method of storage is that you have to stand up off your seat in order to access your tackle, as well as the fact that all your gear is in a single compartment. For the angler who likes to be extremely organised this could be a small issue – although by investing in smaller tackle boxes and rig wallets you’ll be able to personalise your tackle storage in a way that is impossible with a seat box which has inbuilt compartments. Some sea fishing seat boxes with under-lid-access also come with the option of using especially designed dividable compartments, too.

Many of our match fishing seat boxes have multi-compartmental options. The drawers and trays in a match fishing seat box can often be accessed whilst you’re still sat on the box. This means that you don’t have to readjust your pole fishing setup simply because you want to prepare your next rig, offering a huge benefit for the match angler who wants to make the most of each ship-out. The downside of these is they the drawers will come in a set size, potentially limiting the type of tackle you can store – although most will come with a variety of drawer size options. You’ll find that most of the top end seat boxes that we stock will offer a variety of compartment options, from those which can be accessed whilst you’re sat on the box to those which can only be accessed whilst you’re off the box. This gives you a complete range of storage options for all the different terminal tackle items that you might like to have with you on the bank – perfect for the angler who likes to be prepared for all scenarios when match fishing.

Another huge benefit of match fishing seat boxes is their many trays and tray attachment opportunities. When you’re in an intense match situation the very last thing that you want to do is to take your eye off the end of your pole – whether that is to take a sip of coffee or to prepare your next catapult of freebie bait. Having a range of trays all within your peripheral vision ensures that you’re able to prepare gear whilst also keeping an eye out for the slightest movement at the end of your pole. Other attachments which are ideal for use with seat box include pole and rod holders. These support your angling device and are ideal for anglers who want to ensure that their gear is perfectly positioned. They are also useful for any hands-free angling scenarios, allowing you to prepare rigs, catapult out bait, or make other adjustments without disrupting the precision of your setup. You will sometimes find pole support systems integrated into the seat of the seat box but for our full range of trays and other attachments explore our seat box accessories category.

Match fishing seat boxes have been designed to combine comfort with practicality. We’ve spoken a lot about the practicality when discussing seat boxes so far, but, as all anglers know, a fishing trip without all necessary comforts and conveniences is a fishing trip that’s doomed to fail. This is why you’ll find that most of the seat boxes in our range come fitted with a supremely padded top cushion. These ensure that you’re comfortable throughout your angling session, allowing you to focus on what really matters (the match at hand) rather than your aching spine or numb bum. Another feature that you’ll find on all top quality seat boxes is adjustable legs. Although most pegs will feature flat platforms, you may want to modify the height of your seat box in order to suit your own needs. What’s more, many anglers have their own preference for the angle at which they are sat – with most preferring to angle their seat box so that it tips them slightly forward. This puts some of their weight through their feet, giving additional stability to their set up and preventing much of the back ache which can trouble match anglers (especially those fishing with long poles). More often than not, a top quality seat box will feature mud feet on the end of each of its legs. These ensure that you’ve always got a flat and stable base on which to set your seat box – even if you are not afforded the luxury of a solid platform at your peg.

You’ll also find that most of our seat boxes come with a footplate or footrest. Also able to be purchased separately, these allow you to get closer to the water without getting your feet wet. This is ideal if you’re on a waterlogged peg or you’re dealing with high water levels, as you can target the water as effectively as you’d like whilst remaining comfortable and dry. As with the legs of your seat box, you’ll find that these footplates are adjustable. This allows you to achieve the most comfortable position possible whilst on the bank. 

Here, at Angling Direct, you can find all the latest in top end seat box technology. We’ve worked long and hard so you don’t have to, scouring the market both here and outside the UK to find the world’s finest products while ensuring the lowest prices every time. The right seat box can make a huge difference to your match, injecting a dose of convenience and comfort all in one package which means you can focus on the water with confidence. Across our range you’ll find the latest in seat box designs from the world’s leading fishing tackle brand-leaders. Many of our seat boxes are designed by match fishing specialists, such as Maver and Preston, which each have decade’s worth of match fishing expertise behind them. You can be confident that any seat box your purchase which has been designed by one of these brands will make life on the bank exponentially more enjoyable. These aren’t the only two premier match brands we stock, however, so make sure you browse the full range to find the perfect product for you – or speak to a member of our customer services team for their expert option. All conversations are strictly no obligation, so you’ll be able to mull over their advice before deciding on the option which is right for you. We also stock a host of Daiwa seat boxes, as the leading Daiwa stockist in the country, and can offer unique deals across the collection. Why settle for a tackle box when you could experience the superior qualities that a seat box has to offer?

We also take pride in ensuring that we not only cover all bases but also all budgets across the board. We understand that newcomers may not be willing, or able, to invest quite as much as their life-long professional counterparts, which is why our range features several incredibly affordable entry-level options. These lower budget options still guarantee superb performance and provide unrivalled value for money. You can find top quality match fishing seat boxes on our site for as little as £70, so you needn’t break the bank to enjoy the benefits of a seat box. If you do have a little extra budget to spend, our high-end boxes can retail in excess of £500. However, we believe that finding the right product for your needs is much more important than worrying about the cost – which is why we have created our Direct Credit scheme. This offers interest-free finance on any purchase in excess of £300, with a range of repayment schemes available. All applications are reviewed online, so you can get instant approval, and all repayment rates are fixed. This allows you to budget effectively throughout the year whilst still making the most of your brand new seat box.

If you’re really stuck between two top end seat boxes it is always worth having a browse through our blog. Our regular Tackle Tuesday and Wednesday Review posts spotlight some of our team’s favourite tackle items out there, as well as reviewing products that have been newly released. What’s more, we store a complete archive of posts, so simply search ‘seat box’ to find out everything we’ve ever had to say on the subject. Chances are that you’ll be able to find a comprehensive review of the product you’re interested in, allowing you to make the best decision for your needs.

Give us a call today with any questions you may have on this or any other area of fishing tackle – we’d be delighted to hear from you. All our contact information can be found in the customer services area of the site – simply follow the path to be connected to a member of our team best equipped to solve your query. To find your local Angling Direct simply use the shop finder tool on the website. Our in-store staff are all avid anglers with years of experience and are more than happy to chat about any aspect of the sport. Not only this, but they all have their personal favourite products, seat boxes included, that they are happy to recommend time and time again. If you’re in the market for a superior seat box, whether it’s your first ever purchase or its simply time for an upgrade, you’re in the right place.

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