Predator Fishing Bait Boats

Pike & Predator Fishing Bait Boats

Bait boats are an essential tool for those predator anglers who enjoy fishing on, or rather near, highly pressured swims. A high-pressure swim will often result in scaring fish off into more ‘unfishable’ territory. However, with the proper use of a bait boat, you’ll be able to access those previously unfishable areas. Baits boats allow you to do a lot more than just accurately distribute bait, and you can accurately drive your rig to the predator fish in question with the use of a bait boat.

Angling Direct stocks bait boats for pike and predator anglers from all the best brands on the market today, and our range features plenty of offerings from the likes of Angling Technics. Our range of bait boats includes those which are solely set up as bait boats, to those which also contain extra inbuilt features – such as echo-sounders and fish finders to allow you to plot under the surface of the water and quickly and easily locate your quarry. We also stock a full range of bait boat accessories, including replacement batteries, spotlights for low-light fishing, and solar panel charging solutions.

We understand that a bait boat can be a big investment, which is why we have a direct credit system. Obtaining interest-free finance has never been easier, simply checkout as you normally would, select the finance payment option, fill out our form and get instant online approval! As our direct credit system is interest-free, you can accurately budget your repayments too. In this way, you can experience the benefits of a bait boat right now, rather than having to save over a period of time for a product you’re craving.

If you have any additional questions, either about the bait boats we stock or our direct credit system, our customer services team is on hand to assist. All calls are handled in-house, and our team is available for a no-obligation chat about any aspect of the ordering process. Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…

Predator anglers are increasingly looking for ways to get ahead of the game. When fishing a pike or predator venue, bait boats provide a technologically advanced solution to the problem of accurate dead bait distribution.

Predator bait boats can be used to transport bait, end tackle, and predator lures to designated locations. Using this device, anglers can reach an otherwise difficult-to-reach fishing spot – allowing them to target areas that you won’t be able to with traditional casting methods.

Check out reasons why we love bait boats in our Buyers Guide.

A bait boat can greatly improve your fishing range when dead baiting for pike, perch, and zander - but it also opens up other possibilities such as baiting up the swim. With a bait boat for predator angling, you can reach the pike or other predator fishing that is feeding in the harder-to-reach areas.

Make sure you connect up a charged battery to the connectors in your bait boat and ensure the battery compartment is secured. Ensure your remote for the bait boat is fully charged or with fresh batteries and then add power.

Next, you are ready to load your bait! With your dead bait rig, be sure to thread the bait and predator braid through the hopper door and up to the bait compartment, bring your choice of lead through also, then close the hopper door to secure your dead bait in place!

You can cut up small pieces of dead bait to add over your predator rig to add attraction to the area you ship your bait boat to. When catching a pike with a bait boat, you can also use groundbait and strong fish-flavored bait liquid and bait goos to attract the fish.

For more pike fishing tips on baits, handling pike, and lure fishing, head on over to the guides on the Angling Direct Blog.

Some advanced fishing bait boats are fitted with GPS systems, echo sounders, and fish finders to make locating your boat and mapping out where the predator fish are even easier. These bait boats will be slightly more complicated to use but all of the bait boats we stock for predator fishing come with guides and the Angling Direct customer service team is happy to help with your product!

Made for pike season, the bait boats in this section can handle the cold water a pike angler faces this time of year. Constructed with strong materials these predator bait boats can handle the weather conditions found when bait fishing.

Many predator anglers will go use a lithium-ion battery to support them for a long session of pike fishing. Lithium-ion batteries tend to be very reliable. You can shop spare batteries for bait boats under our collection of bait boat accessories, also found on this page.

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