Carp Fishing Sleeping Bags

Aside from your angling skills and quality tackle, patience really is an important virtue when it comes to carp fishing. The angler who is out on the bank for the longest is always going to be the angler who catches the most, and biggest, carp. 

We, here at Angling Direct believe that comfort and rest is a vital aspect of angling, as an angler who is uncomfortable on the bankside is never going to be as patient as the angler who has experienced a long and comfortable night’s sleep. This is why Angling Direct has worked hard to create a comprehensive collection of all the best sleeping bags and pillows, to ensure that you’re time at the bank is both restful and profitable. 

What to Look for in a Sleeping Bag

Whether you are an avid angler who spends harsh winter nights on the swim or you’re a fair-weather angler who only does the odd summer overnighter, there are a few features of sleeping bags to consider for your sleeping set-up.

Sleeping bags are often categorised by their seasonal ratings, from the lowest (one), ideal for warm weather to the highest (five) which is suited to the colder climates. Some bags come in layers so you can alter the season rating yourself.

Features to look out for in most sleeping bags is the type of insulation material, quality of the zips, the bag lining, external material, water resistance, bedchair attachments, in-built pillows, foot sections.

What is the Best Sleeping Bag for Fishing?

Our collection of sleeping bags and pillows comes from the very best carp brands on the market and includes everything from peach-skin quilts and bedchair covers to full-sized pillows and five-season sleeping bags. These incredible offerings are brought to you by the likes of Fox, Nash, and Chub – among others.

We always say that angling isn’t just our business, it’s our passion, and Angling Direct has produced our own brand range of top quality fishing tackle – including sleeping bags and pillows. Our Advanta range is something we are very proud of and we spent a lot of time developing it to ensure that all the products gave excellent value for money. To make life easier for the angler in a hurry we’ve collected together a premier combination of Advanta Sleep products which you can read reviews of on our AD blog.

Pillows for Carp Fishing

Some of the sleeping bags we stock will come with their own pillows and, similarly, some of the bedchairs we stock will come with in-built pillow sections. However, many anglers still prefer to invest in their own pillow as it allows them to position it precisely for their needs. Our angling pillows are usually smaller than traditional pillows, as this ensures that they fit perfectly on your bedchair and are not at risk of slipping off in the night. Aside from peach skin fabric covers, we also stock carp shapes pillows from the Gaby Fish Pillow section that can certainly make it more comfortable in a tired fishing chair.

If you have any questions about any of the products in our collection of sleeping bags and pillows for carp anglers, read our dedicated guide;

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