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Welcome to the Angling Direct Store Finder! Are you looking for a new fishing spot or need to restock on some tackle? Let us help you locate the best local bait and tackle shops in your area!

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Here you can answer ‘where is the best fishing shop near me?’ by simply entering your postcode from your address and the miles you are willing to travel from your home or current address.

You can also search by address by entering the city and country into our Store Finder. Click search for our map to zoom in on your area and present to all your nearby fishing tackle stores.


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With our store finder, it's easier than ever to find all of the supplies you'll need for a successful outing on any body of water. Whether you're into carp fishing, fly fishing, sea fishing, or just about any other type of angling - you can find the best fishing tackle from brands like Fox, Nash, Daiwa, Korda, RidgeMonkey, and more! Make sure that you have the right fishing gear before heading out. It can make all the difference.

You will notice that each of our stores mentions on the left-hand side offer further details such as store opening times and key features of our fishing shops. Some of our fishing tackle stores offer pole centres, Angling Trust coaches, and recycling bins for your old fishing lines.

You can also research each store further by clicking on their individual store pages.

Take a look at our store locator to find the store nearest you and start your fishing adventure now!

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