Predator Bait Boxes

When it comes to keeping organised when fishing for a predator, having a good bait box is essential. Whilst it might be true to say there are thousands of options open to the angler for bait storage and transportation – everything from an old washing up bucket in the back of your garage would get the job done – for the more serious angler a good quality bait box is the only way to go.

Although many predator anglers for fake baits such as rubber baitfish lures, fresh, real bait is still incredibly popular as a freebie in attracting pike to your swim. Whether you like to use from pellets or boilies, the chances are these are going to be packed with a fishy flavour that needs to keep fresh in order for its aroma to take effect on your target fish. A bait box can certainly help preserve bait, whether it is shop brought or homemade.

There’s so much to say for convenience and organisation when it comes to successful angling, especially if you’re only able to hit the bank for short sessions. This is why we’ve built our range around your need for convenient access to the most essential tools in your angling arsenal – your bait. Across our range of bait boxes, you’ll find options to suit all fishing types and budgets across the board, so no matter what level you’re at, we’ve got just the products to suit.

We hand-choose every product that makes it to the Angling Direct range and only ever stocks the same products we ourselves use on our own fishing trips. Over the years we’ve come to trust an array of leading brands (including Lemco, Greys and Gardner), and believe they are quite simply the best when it comes to value for money and ease of access. As such, no matter which products you choose from our collection as a whole, you can rest assured you’re making the right choice.

So, whether you’re in the market for a spare pot in which to store pop-ups; a handy lidded bucket for your groundbait, pellets, and maggots; or a compartmentalised box in which you can keep an array of baits – we have the bait box for you. Many of our bait boxes are freezer safe, so you can keep your bait fresh when you’re not at the water’s edge. Ventilation is essential to keep baits alive and fresh, and our top quality brands know this, supplying vented lids with many of their products.

In short, whether you’re a predator angler who likes to keep their bait in order we have the bait storage solution for you! The Angling Direct team is always on hand to answer your questions in relation to bait boxes, or any other areas of angling whatsoever. We’ve been in the business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t, so if you have any queries you can find all our contact information on our customer services page, or you can pop into any of our stores across the country – you can find your nearest Angling Direct on our store locator.

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