Fishing Rigs

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get on the water and start fishing? Check out our selection of ready-tied fishing rigs. These rigs are pre-assembled with all the terminal tackle you need to start catching fish. We have a variety of different setups, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for your favourite fishing spot. So stock up today and be prepared when the bite is on!

What Does Ready-Made Fishing Rigs Include?

Most of these ready-made fishing rigs will include the basic components that make up rigs such as a choice of fishing bait, a fishing hook, hook length, swivel, lead system, lead, and leader. This selection of ready-made fishing rigs may have more components in order to make it fit its intended use. 

You will find different styles of carp fishing rigs that are ready from the packet on this page including; Hinge Rigs, Blow Back Rigs, Hair Rigs, Chod Rigs and more from great brands such as Korda, Fox, ESP and Nash. If you do want to learn to tie your own carp rigs, you can check our dedicated Carp Rigs blog post: How to Make Carp Fishing Rigs - 10 Easy to Follow Examples. We also have plenty of rig tying and using guides on the AD blog across the fishing disciplines. 

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