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  1. Shakespeare Agility 2 Fly Rods

    Starting at £59.99

    Shakespeare Agility 2 Fly Rods

  2. Hardy Demon Smuggler Rod

    Starting at £429.99

    Hardy Demon Smuggler Rod

  3. Scierra SRX V2 Fly Rod

    Starting at £139.99

    Scierra SRX V2 Fly Rod

  4. DAM Salt-X Seatrout Rod

    Starting at £69.99

    DAM Salt-X Seatrout Rod

  5. DAM Nanoflex Pro Rod

    Starting at £53.48

    DAM Nanoflex Pro Rod

  6. Daiwa Silvercreek Fly Rod

    Starting at £60.00

    Daiwa Silvercreek Fly Rod

  7. Daiwa Wilderness Trout Fly Rod

    Starting at £80.00

    Daiwa Wilderness Trout Fly Rod

  8. Greys GR60 Fly Switch Rods

    Starting at £249.99

    Greys GR60 Fly Switch Rods

  9. Greys GR60 Fly Rods

    Starting at £135.99

    Greys GR60 Fly Rods

  10. Shakespeare Agility 2 Rise Fly Rods

    Starting at £54.99

    Shakespeare Agility 2 Rise Fly Rod

  11. Shakespeare Agility 2 EXP Fly Rods

    Starting at £49.99

    Shakespeare Agility 2 EXP Fly Rod

  12. Greys GR40 Fly Rod

    Starting at £112.98

    Greys GR40 Fly Rod


Items 1-12 of 21

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The right fly fishing rod should feel like the extension of an arm to any fly angler, and we aim to only provide you with the best fly rod in the business. We, here at Angling Direct have a vast range of fly rods for sale. We have a selection of fly fishing fanatics among our number, and as such, all the products we stock have been hand chosen by experts to ensure their quality and performance pedigree to benefit either fly fishing for beginners in the UK or the more advanced of the discipline. 

What makes a good fly fishing rod?

When it comes to fly fishing, it is all about being able to cast with power and accuracy. We, here at Angling Direct believe that a good fly rod, in combination with some great fly casting skills helps your chosen fly and fly fishing line to be presented without spooking the fish you wish to land. Casting, line control and striking action are all things to consider when looking for the perfect fly rod but there are certain features that may help you identify which rod is best for you.

Look for a fly fishing rod with a lightweight, graphite or high modulus carbon blank as these help with a progressive action which allows for both the element of surprise that comes from subtle strikes and the power needed to play in lively, hard-fighting fish. The ideal rod for fly fishing will be designed for controlled speed and responsive strength as you are likely to need a strong rod for long, silent stalks associated with fly fishing.

The rod blank consideration is also important when it comes to casting. Some carbon fibre blanks are rated as having a high intermediate modulus, or measure of resistance to twisting. Purchasing a fly rod with twisting blanks divert energy during the cast for accuracy and power. 

As a fly angler, you may want to consider a rod with a four-piece construction that's easy to break down and transport wherever you want to go. Telescopic and travel rods are ideal for the angler on the move as well as looking at fly rods with hook keeps to make moving up a peg a lot easier.

When picking out your fly fishing rod, look at the reel seat. Fly fishing reels tend to be large in size so make sure you get one that matches up to your chosen fly fishing reel.

Many rods today use EVA material on their handles but when it comes to selecting a fly rod, you are more than likely going to want a cork handle. Cork grips are incredibly light and having them on fly rods help control and direct the fly fishing rod whilst casting, retrieving, and playing the fish. The right cork handle for your fly rod can offer a more comfortable day of fly fishing without your hands and arms aching with fatigue by the end of the day.

Butt caps can be made of a couple of materials, but consider which one your chosen rod has as its weight can affect the balance of the whole rod which is vital to fly fishing techniques.

What size fly rod should I buy?

Your choice of rod length will vary depending on the species of fish you are targeting. Fly Rod Lengths usually reach no more than 9ft. If you need to make longer casts due to a heavy fly line and fishing in windy conditions, pick a 9ft rod. For a fly rod suited to a variety of elements and conditions, select the all-around fly rod length of 8.5ft. Go for a shorter rod of 8ft or under if you need a fly rod for short casts on a small stream with a light fly line.

What is the best fly rod for a beginner?

Newcomers to fly fishing often find that slow or moderate action rods, help them hone their casting technique because they provide better control over shorter distances. Once casting confidence and ability increases, anglers often find that they want to cast further and not be hampered by the wind. Moderate-to-fast action rods are not as affected by wind as slower rods and are flexible enough to accommodate switching tactics, such as moving from using dry flies to nymphs.

We have a range of budget options such as some cheap fly rods in case you are you’re a total novice unwilling to spend more the £20 on a sport you’re unsure of or if you’re an avid fly fisher who is looking to invest in the rod that will take your fly fishing to a whole new level and are willing to spend a little more on a Hardy or Greys fly rod. 

Our range of fly rods here at Angling Direct offers everything from double-handed rods that are great for salmon fishing to single-handed rods for trout and saltwater fishing. With names such as Daiwa, Shakespeare, and Snowbee in our catalogue of fly fishing rods, you needn’t worry as all the rods produced by these brands are worthy of any angler. We only want the crème de la crème on our shelves – in short, we only want to stock tackle worthy of an Angling Direct angler.

As the UK’s leading stockist of Daiwa tackle, we’re pleased to bring you exclusive deals across the range of Daiwa products, including its range of fly fishing rods. In fact, we aim to give you exclusive deals across the 10,000 products in our catalogue and sale of fly fishing rods. The price checked sticker, found on the right side of the product page beneath the manufacturer’s logo, is our promise to you that you’re getting the very best price on the market today.

What weight fly rod should I use for trout? 

The weight of the fly rod or what weight fly line you plan on using when fishing for trout would generally be a 4-weight, 5-weight or 6-weight rod, with five being the most versatile. If you are an angler looking to land a different species of trout ranging from stillwater rainbow trout to brook trout stocked in a reservoir, we have a range of trout fishing tackle to aid you in your adventures. The different species and destinations of trout demand different trout fishing equipment and flies that will land you a great fish, whether it be an eight weight fly rod with a ghost tip fly line or boat fishing using a competition drogue to stop your drift, it is covered.

As the UK’s largest tackle retailer, it’s our pleasure to picky with fly rods so you don’t have to be. With rigorous testing of the products ourselves, we can honestly give reviews and feedback on products that best suit you. Our customer service team are happy to help or you can read the Angling Direct blog to find reviews, guides, tips and more of the best fly fishing rods in the UK.

If you would like any additional information about what is the best fly fishing rod for you or on any of the products on our site, including the rods in our range of fly fishing tackle, then please do not hesitate to get in contact. All our contact information can be found on the customer services page of our site.

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