Pike / Predator Line

Without the appropriate line, you simply cannot expect to improve your predator fishing. With pike fishing especially you need a tough line that those pike teeth can’t chomp through! That’s why Angling Direct has worked tirelessly to assemble a market-leading collection of fishing line products and accessories which help you find the perfect predator line for the finesse of lure movement.

Whether you need hooklength materials, leaders or mainlines, we have it here in our Predator fishing line section. We also have predator fishing lines from all the other top brands, including Daiwa, Drennan, Shimano, Savage Gear, ESP and Korda.

Not only do predator bite hard and run fast, but live in snaggy and weedy areas so it is vital that you choose a line that is durability.  Braided lines are perfect for that extra strength, and are also very castable. For less underwater visibility, you can choose between fluorocarbon, monofilament which we will give a brief description of below.

Braid Lines

Braided line is the only line type that does not rely on a single fibre or strand of material. Instead, multiple fibres are moulded and welded together to create a multi-fibrous line that boasts incredible strength with a small diameter. Breaking strengths are measured in the maximum lbs and many lines range from 20lb, 30lbs braid to 50lbs plus. It is also a dense line type, so it sinks quickly through the water column – making it an excellent choice for the angler fishing with bottom baits. This is the perfect line type for pike but it tends to be rather visible and this can make many predators shy away from the line.

Monofilament Line

Monofilament has a plethora of benefits which, in the eyes of some anglers, place it head and shoulders above the competition. Cheap, easy to use, translucent and stretchy, monoline is a great line for predator fish that are spooked easily and can absorb those lunges that the aggressive takes of what predator fishing brings.

Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon has the same refractive index as water, so it bends light like a liquid,  making it practically undetectable and it is the preferred choice for anglers fishing in clear waters or anglers targeting easily spooked fish. Fluorocarbon line is also significantly denser so it is better for pinning bait to the lake or river bed, even when using weightless setups. This makes fluorocarbon a very popular choice of leader for fishing with bottom baits, as it offers a combination of invisibility and weight.

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