Pike/ Predator Cooking Equipment

Predator angling can be incredibly rewarding with the huge sizes of pike and catfish that many UK waters have to offer but sometimes you need a little more to keep you going and with Angling Direct’s collection of cooking equipment you can be sure to have a good hearty meal or a well-earned cup of brew to keep you going!


The vital piece of cooking gear providing heat to cook, boil and fry your nutrients is a stove. We stock a range of gas-powered cooking stoves as well as petrol and fluid powered stoves. Many of our stoves have a good fuel-to-energy conversion rate that is economical to power with piezo-electronic ignition systems for ultra-reliability no water the weather conditions. The Coleman Sportster stove is extremely economical to run and is very powerful for its size! However, most smaller stoves tend to be ideal for the individual angler. A larger stove will pack more heat and power that can cook up a bulk of food or boil a big kettle for those social anglers at the bank.


Who doesn’t love a brew on the bank? We stock kettles in a range of sizes for those predator anglers that are constantly having a fresh cuppa in their hand or smaller kettles solo angler that enjoys the odd brew between landing a predator.

Pots and Pans

We have a range of saucepan sets for sale in our collection that is great for heating up a can of soup, boiling pasta and more. A medium saucepan on the go tends to cover you for your predator angling needs. The fry pans are great for cooking off some meat, a fried egg and you can complete a mean fry up with a toaster such as the RidgeMonkey Toaster case that can even make you a little toasted sandwich snack to keep you going!

Cooking Extras

You can dine like royalty at the bank with our variety of plate and cutlery sets from Nash and Trakker. We also stock a variety of mugs, cups and bottles as it is incredibly important to keep hydrated whether it be a cup of water or a mug of tea! A great place to store all this cooking gear is in a dining bag such as the Nash Grub Bag which offers a compact and organised storage system for when at the bank.

If all this gear wasn’t enough to be getting on with, we also stock a range of cooking accessories and utensils from the biggest names on the market such as Coleman, Trakker, RidgeMonkey, Chub, Fox and more! Accessories include spare gas canisters, gas canister sleeves (to keep your gas performing at an optimum level in sub-zero conditions), and windshields (to preserve heat and prevent the stove from being extinguished).

For more information on any cooking products give our customer service team a call or check out the frequent product reviews on the Angling Direct blog!

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