Specialist Bite Alarms

Barbel are pretty challenging to catch at the best of times, so are many specimen fish, and so as anglers, you need every piece of helpful kit you can get to catch your next PB. It is gut-wrenching when you miss a take and so to prepare you for the next time a carp or bream strikes for your bait, we have catalogued a vast range of bite alarms, perfect for specialist fishing. We stock bite alarms that come in at all budgets, from simple to the one with the latest technology.

Today, bite alarm accuracy has hugely improved, since the first bite alarms from Heron and Optonic, now fishing bite alarms are operating by slotting your fishing line through the ears of the alarm, with a roller sensor or vibration sensor system. Most modern alarms will allow you to control your alarm’s sensitivity settings ensuring that you can have the same confidence in your bite alarm regardless of your angling circumstances.

If you’re targeting carp you may anticipate nervous or delicate takes. If the wind is howling, the current pulling, and you’re looking forward to some aggressive takes from a barbel, it would be better to lower the sensitivity settings. This way, you don’t risk becoming spooked by false alerts, ensuring that you only respond to positive takes.

You can also change the volume of most bite alarms so that if you’re sat on a millpond venue you can turn down the volume of your alarm or if you’re fishing in a situation when the wind can whip sound from you, a louder alarm noise is optional. Some alarms will let you mute them entirely which is ideal when using a receiver which allows you to bring the sound of your alarm inside your bivvy without disturbing anglers on near-by pegs.

You will also find that many of our top-end bite alarms will offer different tone settings to customise each tone for every rod you have on so you can easily identify which rod has the run. The different tones can also help you identify your bite alarm from others on especially crowded waters, ensuring that you don’t incorrectly respond to every alarm sound you hear.

A final feature you’ll notice is that most alarms will come fitted with LED lights to help you identify takes even when the fish has stopped taking the line. You’ll often find that alarms are available in a range of colours to also make rod identification quicker.

Since many carp anglers like to fish with three or more rods in their setup, some suppliers will supply bite alarms in sets of three or more. It is worth bearing the need for three-bite alarms when you’re budgeting for your setup. We also stock an impressive range of bite indicators for those anglers who like to double up on their bite detection equipment.

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